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Once upon a time, Samantha and her
pet Dragon called Eli were playing in the garden. It was a sunny day and they
were having a merry time. They set up a picnic on a massive patchwork blanket
laid out on the grass. A little while later, large dark clouds began to crowd the
sky and the sunshine disappeared. Then, vast drops of rain started to fall and
so Samantha and Eli ventured into the garden shed to stay dry.

Whilst they were waiting for the
rain to stop, Samantha nudged her old bicycle out of the way and was astonished
to see a trap door beneath it. There was a tremendous handle on the trap door
and Eli assisted Samantha in pulling  it
open. “I wonder what’s down there!” Samantha exclaimed . “It
looks rather frightening!” replied Eli. “Come on, let’s go and
explore!” replied Samantha and she picked up a torch from the work bench
in the shed.

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With that, they clambered down the
narrow steps into the dark tunnel, guided only by the light of the torch.
Samantha felt a little bit uneasy when she discovered how dark it was in the
tunnel, even with the light from the torch, and she was pleased to have Eli
with her.

There was enough room for them to
walk alongside in the tunnel, they roamed further inside. Suddenly, a large shadow
appeared on the wall that towered over Samantha and Eli and they froze on the
spot and shut their eyes tightly. Then they heard a small squeak and realised
that it was nothing more than a tiny mouse who was living in the tunnel. The
light from the torch had managed to make the mouse’s shadow look enourmous! “I
reckon we should turn back now,” said Eli and Samantha thought that
sounded like a good idea too. Just as Samantha was about to turn around, she
spotted a crack of light in the distance at the other end of the tunnel… and
it wasn’t orginating from their torch! “Look!” shouted Samantha and
her voiced echoed loudly. Eli witnessed the light too, so they both scurried
towards it.

As they got closer to the end of
the tunnel, they could hear voices echoing along the walls. Samantha couldn’t
make out what they were saying, but she was sure there were people on the other
end of this tunnel. A  appaling voice
traveled down the tunnel. “Shall we head back?” Eli whispered. Samantha
didn’t want to turn back now. The crack of light was still far away ,but
Samantha had spotted something which she couldn’t help but explore. The pair
bravely marched over to a mysterious set of stairs at the end of the tunnel.
Steep stone steps towered in front of them.


Eventually, they reached the top. The top step was covered
in sawdust, and Samantha noticed another wooden trap door, this time over their
heads. Light shone through the slats in the wood. “I wonder what’s up
there.” Samantha mused, trying to look through the crack. she couldn’t see
anything at all. “Maybe monsters… or giants…” Eli shivered, standing
on tip toes to try and see, too. “Or witches or wizards or fairies!”
Pondered Samantha. Slowly, Samantha reached up to the long, rusty bolt that was
keeping the door shut. The rust made it stiff and hard to move, the bolt slid

Just as Samantha and Eli laid their
hands on the trap door to give it a good push, it suddenly swung back. A bright
white light filled the little dark tunnel. It was so bright that neither
Samantha nor Eli could see anything. “What are you two doing in
there?” Bellowed a very gruff voice.  As their eyes adjusted to the light, Samantha
and Eli saw that the tunnel had led all the way back to their house. Those
voices didn’t belong to giants or monsters or witches or wizards. They belonged
to Mum and Dad!

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