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One of the greatest novelist in Victorian Age is
Charlotte Bronte. She was a novelist and also a poet. Her best work is Jane
Eyre. Charlotte
Brontë published her work’ “Jane Eyre” under the name “Currer Bell”. In
Victorian age, there were many women became writers and also novelists.
However, a lot of them published their work under the masculine pseudonym. It included
Charlotte Bronte, and so did her sisters, “The Brontes”. The book, Jane Eyre, was a critique about
Victorian assumptions about social class, traditonal and society beliefs. This
essay will tell about the genre and analysis about Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre.

The genre of Jane Eyre was a
combination between romance, gothic and mystery. It can be seen as romance
genre and romantic novel through the relationship between Jane Eyre and Mr.
Rochester, their passionate relationship. It can be considered as a mystery because
of Jane Eyre’s curious about Mr. Rochester’s secret and past, she was curious
about who set the fire in Mr. Rochester’s room, who attacked Mr. Rocheste’s
guest. Then she found out that it was Mr. Rochester’s insane wife, “Bertha”. While
the gothic genre can be seen through the supernatural and fantasy elements in
Jane Eyre. The supernatural and fantasy elements in Jane Eyre can be seen through
when Jane Eyre was locked in the red room and dealed with ghost. Red room was
uncle Reed’s bedroom. Jane Eyre though that the room was haunted by her uncle’s

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Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre was a feminist novel. It can be
proved through Jane Eyre’s character. Charlotte Bronte gave a voice about the
independent spirit of women through Jane Eyre’s personality. Jane Eyre was
created by Charlotte Bronte in order to against the pressure and also society
beliefs of victorian women. In victorian age, women are supposed to be at home.
While the men were working, the women had to calmly stay at home and do the
house works. Victorian age refuse the women’s passion. Charlotte
Bronte’s Jane Eyre
was capable, strong, independent, passionate. Charlotte Bronte also created
Jane Eyre having a strong emotions. Victorian women were not supposed to be as
capable as Jane Eyre,

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