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Ryan Campbell English IV Period 2 May 5, 2013 Women are High Maintenance Othello is a very confusing love story with people who have a lot of issues and problems and they think that the world revolves around them. It is a story of love, hate, and all of the other ridiculous emotions a person can think of. Two characters that would fit into this category of describing would be Desdemona and Emilia. Both women are strong characters, but one may be stronger. Whenever Shakespeare wrote, he always wanted the feeling of his female characters to be strong and passionate.

In Othello, both Desdemona and Emilia are similar and different in many ways. They both are loyal to their husbands, but are different in the realization of their experiences and their viewpoints of reality. They both want to please their husbands and make them happy. Desdemona reassures this by saying, “Offend you in my life; never loved Cassio But with such general warranty of heaven As I might love, I never gave him token. ” (Act 5, Scene 2, Lines 58-61) Another way that both Desdemona and Emilia are similar is their level of ignorance.

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They are ignorant of the ongoing schemes that plague their environment. For example, Desdemona is completely oblivious of lagds trap when she allows herself to be confronting with Cassio and Iago decides to report this to Othello and make him known of what is going on. Emilia is unaware of everything that is happening and she becomes involved in the plot when Iago demands her that she give him Desdemona’s hankerchief. Emilia is astonished of the suspicions of Othello and says, “If any wretch have put this in your head, Let heaven requite it with the serpent’s curse. Desdemona and Emilia are also different in some ways. Emilia is very practical by saying that she would be willing to cheat on Iago. By depicting this she resembles an advantage in doing this but also she shows her loyalty and love for Iago as she would be willing to render herself vulnerable to the indignity in being immoral for the sake of her husband. Meanwhile, Desdemona is highly ideal in her views of love and faith. Desdemona says, “l do not think there is any such woman, and that one should Beshrew me, if I would do such a wrong. Society thinks it was preposterous and idiculous that Desdemona decided to marry a black man. For society this was not just unheard of but it was disgraceful. Another example in how Desdemona and constantly belays and questions her love about Iago. Desdemona asks if there are any women who “abuse” their husbands. Emilia says there are and then Desdemona asks Emilia if she would do it. Instead of giving Desdemona her answer, Emilia asks her if she would do it. Immediately Desdemona says no and says that no matter what Othello has done to her, she will always be faithful to him no matter what.

Desdemona is the stronger character in this novel. She is a spirited and independent person and she knows what or who she wants and she goes after it. Desdemona truly loves Othello and no one else. Unlike Desdemona, Emilia ponders about her love and questions whether she should have an affair or not. Desdemona knows where her heart should be and who her heart should be for. Her love doesn’t back down or take an criticism because her connection with Othello is very strong. No matter what she always finds and proves a way of her love for Othello.

Another reason why Desdemona is the stronger character is because how she kind of takes over Othello’s ways. What I mean by this is a lot of Othello’s actions and bravery has secluded into Desdemona a bit as well. The men, especially Othello, have a lot of influence towards other people around them. When Iago first told Othello that Desdemona was cheating on him, Othello was furious and stated that Desdemona was a cheating whore. When Desdemona hears about this and Othello questions her, she still remains to be devoted to him. She keeps always asking for his trust and oesn’t defend herself.

She doesn’t show any sign of her “abusing” her husband. Emilia on the other hand kind of twists it around and becomes the weaker character in the novel. For example, she chastises women that deceive or “abuse” their husbands. Unfortunately we never find out if Emilia cheats on her husband or not, but she does say any woman would cheat to make their husband a king. “Who would not make her husband a cuckold to make him a monarch? ” (4. 3. 77) It is obvious that Emilia clearly states that not only other women would cheat on their husbands o make this action happen, but she should do the same thing as well.

Another reason why Emilia shows a potential sign of being sorted out as a weak character is that she believes it is the husband’s flaws that makes the woman cheat on him. This shows that Emilia believes that the men have all the power and that she and other women do not stand up for themselves. She believes that women are not independent and do not have a say for themselves. Another reason why Emilia is portrayed as a weak character is her disobedience towards Iago. She does not have true love for him and she disobeys him by not istening to his order and defends Desdemona of being accused of cheating on Othello instead. O thou dull moor! That handkerchief thou speakst of I found by fortune and did give my husband; For often, with a solemn earnestness, More than indeed belonged to such a trifle, He begged of me to stealt. (5. 2. 232-236) Emilia really shows that she doesn’t give a rat’s buttocks about Iago and she shows a potential future of her cheating with Iago, but things don’t turn out the way she planned to and Iago ends up killing her! Throughout the novel both Desdemona and Emilia show many changes in their haracters.

They both go through good times and hard times. They both respect their husbands, are loyal to them and love them, but they don’t love them in the same way. Emilia, on the other hand, has second thoughts about Iago and never truly loved him. Both Desdemona and Emilia show signs of being strong characters. They both interpret their independence and their feminine personalities. Even though there was a lot of talk and rumor about supposedly Desdemona cheating on Othello, Desdemona truly loved and was devoted to her masculine husband Othello.

Everyone n the town thought that Desdemona was being “tupped” by some other dude, but all of them turned out to be wrong and Desdemona sadly suffered the consequence. Emilia was a strong character but she didn’t turn out to be nearly as strong and sexy as Desdemona was. She never truly loved Iago and always had something to say about women “abusing” their husbands. This showed that she never really stood up for herself and she never really thought of herself as an independent beautiful woman. I beg to differ because she was. She was beautiful in my eyes, but she lacked ndependence for herself and humbleness.

This is why Desdemona was the chosen strong character of this spectacular novel. She showed many signs and characteristics of portraying a strong, healthy and magnificent individual. If I were her father I would be so proud of her and I would give her my blessing no matter what. Not only Othello and I thought that she was marvelous, but so did many other men, such as Niko, Liam, and Griffin. In the future I really hope that my future wife or daughter will be Just as strong and independent as her. May God bless her heart and her soul.

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