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     Our Heavenly
Father’s Plan – John Lewis – Chemist very interested in the Solar System –
renowned scientist who advised the European and NASA space programs – He believes
in God.

When, where, time frame, silent on who and why
of creation – As scientists,
we can understand
a great deal
about when things
happened, where they
happened, how long
they took. But
science is completely
silent on the
subject of the
who and the
why of creation.
There is no
way that you
could answer those
questions from observation.

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First and foremost, eternal, spiritual beings

Universe is God’s handiwork

Science and religion represent two independent
witnesses of creation.

2 or more independent witnesses are required
to certify the truth

Not opposites, combination shows you things
neither eye can see by itself

How many worlds are within that field of view?

So valuable to gain a new perspective of who
you are and where you are and what’s around you!

Famous British astronomer Sir Arthur
Eddington said “the
more we learn
about the universe,
the less it
looks like a
great machine and the
more it looks
like a great

Scientist – Henry Eyring – Frontier Boy, famous scientist

Parents nurtured in him a love of learning and
a strong work ethic


PhD from University of Cali

International recognition

Repeatedly nominated for Nobel prize

90/100 know who he was

50/100 know why they know who he is

100/100 know of most major work – absolute rate

Probably one 3 would know wo won the Nobel
prize in chemistry this year

Science and Faith

“Science was a friend of faith”

1960’s church film – the search for truth

“Our gospel believes in truth, regardless its source”

“I have had no serious difficulty in reconciling
the truth of science with the truths of religion. Moreover, God is instilled in
us a desire to search after the truth. I’m thankful that I belong to a church
whose doctrines can be subjected to every test.”

Summarize views on apparent conflict on
religion and secular conflict

Asked henry b Eyring to review it

Asked henry Eyring to come discuss his letter.
“Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful conversation.

Joseph Fielding Smith, “You know, we ought to
get together again sometime when you’re not so excited.”

Represent the university as the LDS
representative at a meeting on science and religion

“This church doesn’t require you to believe
anything that isn’t true.”

Message of faith with fellow scientists – Mormon

Begin with genealogy

Loved to talk about the church

Simply said what he knew was true.

Hard worker – Contribution to both science and

Came to work at 8, went home for lunch, then
worked till evening. Work at home

Ethic whole family shared

“Hal, you’ll never amount to anything unless
you learn to work harder.”

Learn to work until your ears ring

Warm, fully fellow

Humor against himself

Annual footrace against graduate students

Fleet of foot

Attracted national attention

Not the favorite to win, just the favorite

Generous with others

Humble nature of the man

Beloved father and friend

Kindness, especially to those who thought they
weren’t deserving of it.

“I never met anybody I couldn’t learn from”

Loved people, loved family – tolerant, not

All Truth is part of the Gospel (22:54)

“Science was okay, at least what he knew of it,
and that eventually when we knew more about science and our religion they’d be

Felt good about both his religion and science

It just makes me feel terrific that the Lord
could do what he did through a person that wasn’t perfect. It gives me hope.

Lesson for those not LDS

Approached everything with an open mind

Could be both a devout Mormon and a world class
scientist because he approached everything openly, honestly, and tried to
observe rather than coming in with preconceived notions of what should be.

Man of Courage (25:36)

Why does God ask this of me?

“God needs men of courage. He’s testing my courage.”

     Craig M.
Young – Professor of Biology

I would like to tell them why I believe in
God, the nature of the God I believe in, and why this belief is compatible with
my work as a scientist.

God is a real, living individual who communicates
with man – felt His influence in my life

Teach evolution? “Of course. We want you to
teach truth as you understand it, but please do so without damaging the faith
of our young people”

Turn to prayer!

“The glory of God is intelligence, or in other
words light and truth” – D 93:36


Knowledge of all things

“God understands all of these things, whereas
we understand only those small portions that we have learn through science and
other human endeavors”

Easiest to visualize him as a creator who
operates within the bounds of the natural laws he understands

We can become ever more like God by learning
as much as we can

God’s specific instructions are to learn these
things by two different methods: study and faith – we cannot know everything
unless we apply both approaches

Frustrated with those who deny the usefulness
of faith as a method of learning

Scientific method=true, but limited method of

No amount of inductive evidence in science can
disprove the existence of God

“At no time has my belief in God been
successfully challenged by the methods or conclusions of science”

“philosophy of Augustine – “I believe that I
may know”

Alma – experiment by exercising faith

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