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Susan Bordo’s “The Body and the reproduction of Femininity” article concentrates on the twentieth century standards of femininity and how females mold their bodies in order to fit these strict rules in North America. Bordo goes a step further by examining how gender is written on bodies themselves (Text 2017:78). Susan focused on body illnesses that are known as anorexia and agoraphobia (Text 2017: 78). “The anorexic body is a manifestation of the idea that women’s hungers- whether for food, for sex, or for presence in the world- must be controlled and restrained” (Text 2017:78). Her controversial claim argued, “agoraphobic housewives refused to do the shopping and other domestic tasks expected of them, while anorexic women compel the attention of others in a culture in which women and girls are expected to be passive and invisible” (Text 2017: 78).
The thought of the qualities that make a woman revolves around female bodies and as much as it is difficult for the community to admit, it mainly relies on principals relatively opposite to the way of thinking that demands that women and men are treated equally. While feminism helps increase independence, social state where all things are equal and female ‘power’, the quality that make a woman encourages it’s reverse. Modern day femininity loves fragility, dependence, vulnerability and sexual attractiveness of the body in ways that appeal to men (Sully 2012). The problem with the principals that decide womanliness, is that they have been created by males, because of this they put women in a position where they cannot threaten the authority of men while also thinking about the parts of male sexual desires (Sully 2012). It is an acceptable form of bad mistreatment that has been combined so well into western pop culture that it has become a part of our subconscious (Text 2017: 79). It directs the way of life for females firmly enough to be seen in the way females walk, conversate, the way they introduce themselves to others and the way the view themselves (Text 2017: 79).Women are relied upon to convey themselves with extraordinary poise, they are required to shrink themselves, to dependably seem sensitive yet with a trace of erotic nature, to ensure their bodies are kept disciplined or else they won’t be viewed as alluring and desirable, they should have the capacity to watch out for the necessities of men-they should figure out how to be great spouses (Text 2017: 79). Nonetheless, it is obvious that one of the ways control is directed over ladies is through the measures of femininity.
The consequence of impossible standards of femininity have carried with them irregular conditions among present day western ladies. Illnesses that were exceptional before the mid twentieth century have turned out to be so across the board in our general public that they are not in any case thought about a disturbing issue but rather the standard of femininity (Text 2017: 80). The reason that conditions like anorexia win among ladies who can manage the cost of food/water and approach wellbeing related assets, is that they turn out to be so self retained in trying to accomplish the perfect ladylike body that they don’t understand their limit of when to stop (Text 2017: 84). Commonly encouraged in advertisements, females push their bodies to form a peculiar, unnatural frame prompting to mental health issues too (Sully 2012). Therefore, anorexia is also found in women who appreciate the feeling of energy it produces, they feel free of societal weights and being in control of themselves (Text 2017: 85). From a female’s point of view, it gives a misguided feeling of energy since a weak body, although unable to defend itself influences the female to feel effective. Then again, agoraphobia is likewise thought to be “a form of strike” against traditional female desires (Text 2017: 83). Unfortunately, it just places females in a disadvantageous position as it denies them of their need for freedom. It limits them to their customary parts keeping up the idea of prevalence that it gives to men over women. In this manner, once again femininity turns out to be a threat to females and their health. 

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