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Pakistan’s Relationship with USA on Recent Events

“When diplomacy ends, war begins” – (Hitler)

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The quote above precisely describes the intensity of the
relationship between Pakistan and the USA. The relationship between the two
countries can be called bilateral. A stone was set in history, when United
States extended its hand towards Pakistan right after six days of independence
in 1947, making Pakistan one of the first nations to create relations with the
new state. Pakistan has played a major role in allying with the United States
during the cold war against Russia and has been a fundamental participant in
the SEATO and CENTO organizations.

The relations trailed downhill during the 1970’s and United States,
under the Foreign Assistance Act, deferred most of its economic assistance to Pakistan.
After the terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre in September, 2001, Pakistan
had become one of the major ally’s in the war in terror with the United States.
The era from 2000 to 2015 was a continuous trench of ups and downs for the
relationship between Pakistan and United States.

In August, 2017, Donald Trump (current president of United
States) devised a new strategy against the Afghan Wars and also criticized Pakistan
for playing a part in protecting the terrorists. “The Pakistani people
have suffered greatly from terrorism and extremism. We recognize those
contributions and those sacrifices, but Pakistan has also sheltered the same
organizations that try every single day to kill our people”, Trump said. (Wikipedia) This speech given by
trump was seen as a threat by Pakistani people and protestation was held across

The relationship hit a rock bottom when president Trump
announced that Jerusalem would now be the capital of Israel. This awakened
anti-American feelings between Pakistanis leading to mass protests in different
cities of Pakistan.

The Future of Pak-US Relations:

The future of Pak-U.S is unclear as Islamabad is being
pressurized. For the past few months, U.S representatives have been pressurizing
and criticizing Islamabd for protecting the terrorists and for not taking an
appropriate action against the Haqqani Network. (Tikhonova)

The White House is said to consider alternatives to
strong-arm Pakistan into battling terrorists on their own land. A few examiners
recommend that Islamabad could be pronounced as a sponsor of terrorism by the
U.S. Then, the Trump organization has openly indicated that it is thinking
about removing Pakistan of its non-NATO partner status. (Tikhonova)


This was the opinion voiced by U.S. Secretary of State Rex
Tillerson on Tuesday, under 24 hours after Trump disclosed his Afghan

“We have some leverage that’s been discussed in terms of the
amount of aid and military assistance we give them, their status as a Non-NATO alliance
partner. All of that can be put on the table.” (Iqbal)

Tillerson cautioned that Pakistan’s status as a favored
military partner of the U.S. will be expelled on the occasion that it keeps on
harboring terrorists on its dirt, a claim Islamabad has since quite a while ago
rejected. Furthermore, Tillerson focused on that Washington would “work
with Pakistan affirmitavely” if it changes its way to deal with the
militants. (Tikhonova)


Pak-US relations have come to their least since Trump
uncovered his Afghan methodology, and now the Trump organization’s harsher talk
towards Pakistan and endeavors to strong-arm the country will probably push
Islamabad to reach towards both China and Russia. (Tikhonova)

On account of further crumbling in Pakistan-US relations,
Islamabad could close down these supply routes as a countermeasure against the
Trump organization’s change in Afghan policy, recommended Arif Rafiq, fromt the
Middle East Institute in Washington, to The New York Times. In the event that
Islamabad cut access to these supply routes, it would provoke the U.S. to look
for less compelling routes that would likely involve extra money related costs
and a conceivable death toll among U.S. troops. With the supply routes in
Pakistan, the U.S. could make its war procedure in Afghanistan less convoluted
than it already is. (Tikhonova)

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