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Politics in the 1950sThe prime minister for most of the 1950s was Louis St. Laurent, later nicknamed Uncle Louis due to his good relationship with children and a friendly elderly appearance. The book Face Of A Nation states that Louis St. Laurent was Prime Minister from 1948-1957 as a successor of Lyon Mackenzie King’s to take over the new role of leader of the Liberal party which had a majority government at the time. During his career St. Laurent accomplished many great feats, one of the first tasks he faced was bringing Newfoundland into the confederation, which then became the tenth province in 1949. Another great project was the building of the St. Lawrence seaway that linked the Great Lakes to the Atlantic ocean through the St. Lawrence River which allowed cargo ships to reach halfway across Canada and go down to the United States without having to come in through the Gulf of Mexico, this influenced the United States to partially fund the expensive project. The St. Lawrence seaway is still used to this day and provides million of kilowatts in electrical energy to Canadian homes and industries. Prime minister Louis St. Laurent had achieved other great projects but his government finally came to an end when he started the building of the transcanada pipeline, this allowed for conservatives to start a campaign against the “American Pipeline Buccaneers” (Face Of A Nation, Angelo Bolotta et al), taking down the liberal government after 11 years and starting “The Chief” Era. In 1957 John Diefenbaker came to power with a minority government and from 1957-1958 they helped farmers and raised senior pensions, the support for conservative power was increasing and liberals were decreasing. The election of 1958 made history with the most dominant majority government with 208 conservatives led by  John “The Chief” Diefenbaker. With the chief in power he promised Canadians a stronger, more united Canada and he worked hard for that by passing the Canadian Bill of rights in 1960. John Diefenbaker started a new era for Canadians which led to great prosperity in the 1960s.

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