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paper for the general assembly firststrategies
for countering cyber warfare in the digital age” and ” instituting measures to
control and monitor illicit flow of small arms and light weapons” both topics
contain issues that have been affecting countries all over the world. The first
general assembly is in charge of covering topics that are linked to
international security.I.    Establishing strategies for countering
cyber warfare in the digital age:With a new
generation comes more advanced, useful technology, however, everything has a
negative side effect .cybercrimes have been occurring too often globally,
starting from online theft to online organ trade. Lebanon isn’t as well introduced to the cyber
applied science era as much as other countries are due to its instability and
the hold up in electing a new president, however the Lebanese government set
making the country more familiar with cyber issues as a main aim and is putting
in a significant amount of effort to accomplish that aim. Authorities believe
that the right starting point was raising awareness towards the issue and it
was achieved by distributing a survey to almost 635 students, educators, and
managers which included a questionnaire to test their apprehension regarding
new technology. The survey helped in collecting an overwhelming amount of data
to acknowledge the state of Lebanese citizens with cyber warfare which helped
the Telecommunications Regulatory Authorities in the process of buying new
equipment to be well resourced enough to train newbies in becoming cyber
experts. Furthermore, 2 anti-cyber-crime forums were conducted by “Al-Iktisad w
Al Aamal” which brought together over 500 professionals including bank
employees, IT workers, security experts and software developers to increase
their awareness about technology and how to work with it.     The government
is also working with the Ministry of Telecommunications on the expansion of
networks and including the private sector in providing services and the
Euro-Mediterranean network of Regulators, which is an organization that means
To go about as a gathering for general dialogs and trades of data for its
Members on issues identifying with electronic correspondences in addition To
screening the improvement of the electronic interchanges in the Mediterranean
territory. Furthermore, Lebanon gave important bits of knowledge to the World
Summit on the Information Society, sorted out by the ITU and facilitated the
Nineteenth International Conference on Telecommunications in 2012. All in all
the Lebanese government is trying to put in maximum effort to deal with this
issue since cyberwarfare plays a huge role in the future even if some may not
see it.II.    Instituting Measures to Control and Monitor
Illicit Flow of Small Arms and Light Weapons:Arms dealing
has turned into a critical reason for mishandling human rights; In actuality
weapons are exchanged for reasons of security, confidence, and self-protection,
however, they may once in a while be abused if they fall into the wrong hands
and when that happens, weapons will surely negatively affect advancement, peace,
affecting global security.     Lebanon has suffered through a fifteen-year
civil war which ended in 1990, however, Lebanon still struggles with the
aftermath which was proven by the occurrence of several clashes, a part of the
aftermath, was the increase of rates of illegal arms dealing. Considering that
the sales widely dropped when the government decided to fight against illegal
arms dealing when it was on the rise for 2 years straight, this was the
statement made by a Lebanese arms dealer when he was arrested .he also stated
that raids by the police were befalling too often and gun dealers wouldn’t
usually deal in periods with high rates of raids.    

With a new
president in position, Yacoub Sarraf the new minister of defense was hired, who
set a rule that obligates any gun shop to identify the name of the buyer,
number of guns being sold, and the criteria the gun falls under, each time a
gun is purchased. This law may be considered a simple one to other countries,
yet in Lebanon, this law has never been introduced since the previous ministers
of defense barely showed any concern. Regarding the borders of Tripoli, they’re
considered to be the closest borders to Syria, which is why Syrian refugees use
these borders to travel into Lebanon. Many Syrian gun dealers were caught
smuggling firearms into Lebanon, the arrested gun dealers would get their
weapons seized and a prison sentence depending on the type and the number of
arms being smuggled, this reduced the number of Syrian smugglers trying to
sneak weapons through the borders. Besides the fact that Lebanon is currently
facing a lot of issues to resolve, the government is trying to fix each issue
at a time.

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