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Prevot (2015) stated the way on how to attract students in schools. Like Bradley, Prevot also implement development of the school to increase the bottom line. Prevot tackled the importance of enrollment to the school for it is highly crucial to a school to have students with which it is stated that having a low population in schools could have on maintenance, strategy and salaries. With that idea, Prevot also said that principals and program directors of schools should work on their promotional strategies to reach population capacity in their schools. Furthermore, Prevot provided ways on how to promote schools by attracting students. Prevot first explained that the school should “think like parents” for it is the parental guidance of students that largely affects the student’s decision in choosing schools. Prevot then added that schools should “do what colleges do” and be more creative in promoting their school, that they also should focus on creating programs for a specific group of students, students that have disabilities. Prevot also stated that schools should “trust their formula” of their promotional tools because it makes sure that the students and parents will be provided with the information relevant in choosing schools whilst respecting their own decisions in the process. With that, enrollment of students on schools is clearly vital to the school itself as it is needed in increasing its population.


            For Stribbell (2014), the use of internet, helped in promoting their school activities such as the school’s arts events, sports events and cultural events. Stribbell also pointed out that by making use of hashtags in Twitter, they were able to promote their school activities. Thus, by engaging with your school community into the betterment of it can pave a way for promotional tools to be of help in increasing their student population.

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            Hawk (2015), pointed out that the school’s most important promotional tool is its reputation to students. Like Stribbell and Prevot, Hawk also believes that the effective way to promote the school is to attract the students on what the school can offer and on how the school differs from other schools. He stated that schools should and need to contend for students. Hawk highlighted that there are attracted student who will apply to schools and are accepted but then chooses to go enroll to other schools. He clearly emphasized that promotional strategies are not always effective even to schools that have high reputations. He also said that there are still quite a lot of students who are fit to be in their schools but wouldn’t even mind be applying to the well-reputed school. Thus, promotional strategies of schools, even schools who are well-established, can sometimes be not that of a help in increasing its student population. 

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