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Prior to the advent of power saws, use of manual saws was quite prevailing among industrial workers and carpenters. This use of manual saws required the use of a great amount of physical strength and long working hours to complete the task. There were no substitutes to manual saws for saving time and energy. The use of power saws made the sawing process smoother and less time consuming as compared previously. The perfection in sawing was greatly enhanced by these saws.Types of Power Saws:1) Circular SawsA circular saw is a power tool that cuts materials using a round shape blade. It can be either mounted on the table, or it can be handheld. Circular Saws primarily consist of a blade, motor, base plate, and handles. A circular saw is a power tool that supports professionals and carpenters to make a variety of cuts. These kinds of power saws use a round shape blade that is edged with sharp metal teeth all around. The blade rotates to cut the wood smoothly. There are various blades that can be used in a circular power saw which allow craftsmen to cut a variety of materials, including lumber, timber, paneling, sheet metal and concrete board. The circular saw is also known as a buzz saw.2) Chop SawsA chop saw is a power tool that is used to make straight cuts in wood. A chop saw is similar in physical appearance to a circular saw. Most of the woodworkers or cabinetmakers use chop saws to make precise square cuts as they are working. Chop saw are often less time-consuming. The size of the blade allows carpenters to cut several thicknesses of wood. Chop saw can also take help of Special blades in order to cut metals.3) JigsawsA jigsaw is a power tool preferred for use when cutting non-linear shapes and edges. This is a handheld tool which consists of a thin blade and a controllable throttle trigger for variable cutting speed. Though a jigsaw can also be used to cut straight lines in the material. But, a jigsaw is ideal for complicated shapes and curves that are small enough to be cut by hand. This handheld tool can also be used to cut metal or wood simply by changing the blade.4) Mitre SawsA mitre saw is a specialized saw that allows you to make cuts at a variety of angles. The saw has a blade attached on a swing arm that moves left or right to produce angled cuts. You can use a mitre saw to instantly make cuts for picture frames, crown moulding, window casings, door frames and more. Mitre saws are naturally low in terms of risk as the workpiece is fixed against a fence while the saw head moves, making kick-back almost impossible, and normally allowing hands to be kept clear of the blades.Superb Variety of Power Saws Online Only At Urjakart.comUrjakart is committed to contributing best to its users and hence supply the best quality of products. We have divided our wide array of Power Saws into various categories according to the function and purpose of the power tool. You can get all types of Circular Saws, Table Saws, Chop Saws, Jigsaws, Mitre Saws, Reciprocating Saws, Chain Saws and Band Saws all under a single roof. Urjakart takes pride to be the E-distributor and facilitator of reputed national & international brands. You will find quality products from brands like AEG, Electrex, XTRA POWER, Advance, Makita, Maktec, Metabo, Black & Decker, Bosch, Planet Power, Dewalt, Falcon, Ferm, Skil, Stanley, Hitachi, Inder, Turner, King, Kisankraft and many more available at our E-store to fulfill all your requirements. Whatever be your requirements, will help you in procuring the right Power Saws.Grab the Best Deals on Power Saws from Urjakart.comUrjakart is the largest B2B E-commerce platform in India which caters products to a wide industrial and business base in India at wholesale prices. You can even get heavy discounts on bulk buying of products. We understand your needs and hence promise to make your shopping experience hassle-free and thus arrange a wide variety of products in order to meet your daily requirements. The products sourced from us are of the superb quality and comply with all existing industrial specifications. Now you can procure Power Saws from your home by saving your money, time, and energy with a 100% guarantee of genuine products only at Urjakart. Moreover, we promise you with a timely dispatch of your order. We have a secured payment gateway in order to provide you with a versatile shopping experience.

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