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Probably, even the most miserable skeptics believe in strange myths and concepts for their own reasons. Even you keep on explaining these people that Ostriches don’t hide their heads in the sand or the Bulls don’t hate the colour red, but they still stick to their guns anyhow. This list will try to refute 10 of the most popular false myths or concepts in which people still believe. 10 Throwing a Coin From a BuildingImage 1Many people still believe that if you throw a coin from the roof of the Empire State Building or some similar skyscraper, it will speed up and hit a casual passerby causing him or her a serious injury. If you still believe in this, here’s a disappointing confession; there have been many experiments to try and prove this idea and no one has been ever hurt. Shortly before landing, the coin speeds up to a little over 60 miles per hour but its weight is so less that the person below can merely feel an unpleasant click on the head. Most probably the passerby will get annoyed at this but will definitely remain safe and sound!9 Mice Love CheeseImage 2A lot of cartoons, movies and comics portray that mice just love cheese. All you have to do is put a nice bit of cheese in a mousetrap and the little beasts unable to resist this delicacy will run out of its hiding place risking its life and will try to get it. However, mice are crazy about everything that they can eat or cannot eat. These rodents can easily have for dinner some cardboard, plastic cans, fabrics and other absolutely inedible junk. Although most types of mice are a little gourmet and prefer to eat grain, fruits, dry fruits. So where did this myth come from? It’s all because in earlier times, cheese was stored in open places more than other products and the little beasts were glad to use this opportunity and hardly anyone can judge them. 8 Ostriches hide Their Heads in SandImage 3Ostriches hide their heads in the sand when they feel threatened is something the Roman philosophers added to their encyclopedia and since then, many believe that the world’s largest bird hides its head in the sand in any weird situation. The truth is, ostriches don’t do any of that as sand will just suffocate them. These birds actually lean down towards the ground resting their necks which may have given rise to the rumour that they bury their heads in the sand. Moreover, ostriches swallow sand and pebbles to help the stomach digest difficult food and in the case of danger, they prefer to press their head against the ground just to warn off the potential threat. 7 Dogs Don’t See Colours Image 4Most likely, many of us believe that dogs see their surrounding world exclusively in just black and white and just determine the outlines of objects, thanks to the different levels of brightness. Indeed for a long time, coloured objects haven’t been used in animal training in order to not to confuse pets, however, scientists have proved that dogs are able to distinguish colours. In fact they’ve coloured visions, although not quite the same as a human. Three kinds of cones are responsible for human colour perception but there are only two types of cones in a dog’s retina and therefore, these four legged companions don’t perceive red and orange. Interestingly enough, dogs can distinguish up to forty shades of gray colour.6 Stress Causes Gray HairImage 5If you think that the level of stress and tension in your life will turn you into a grandfather, then there’s a good news, it’s certainly not going to happen! Scientists have established that this common myth is only an invention often used by writers and filmmakers. So you can relax as your hair won’t turn gray too soon even if your week was too stressful. Hair turns gray only because of certain genetic characteristics.  5 Asteroid BeltsImage 6The asteroid belt is actually a circumstellar disc which floats in our solar system just as the planets do. The Hollywood movie writers pose the asteroid belts as the greatest danger astronauts inside a space shuttle face for instance the ship may accidentally crash when it hits asteroids consecutively. In reality, the situation is slightly different. Between each asteroid, there are miles of emptiness which is not a threat to people inside the space shuttle or the aliens inside their spaceship!4 The Wettest CountryImage 7What comes to your mind when you think about the word England? The Royal family, Tea, The Big Ben and no doubt, Rain! The myth that Great Britain is not only a foggy but also rainy place is very old but that doesn’t make it real. In fact, each year about 500 mm of precipitation is recorded in London on average. The percentage is quite little as compared to Milan where this parameter is two times higher. Its true that in Italy, it mainly rains in autumn and winter but in United Kingdom on the contrary, it rains throughout the year.  3 Mickey Mouse CreatorImage 8On a serious note, Walt Disney didn’t come up with the Mickey Mouse character; the most famous mouse in history! Surprisingly, Walt Disney just helped in the creation of Mickey but the person responsible for the sketches and at the same time the image itself was Ub Iwerks who was famous for his incredible work speed. He also animated the first cartoons with the famous mouse and could draw up to 700 images per day. Later, Disney gave Mickey his voice in the first sounding cartoons.2 The Saltiest SeaImage 9Certainly many of us have heard that the saltiest body of water on our planet is the Dead Sea and concentration of alt in it is so high that a person can’t physically drown in it. This fact that it’s hard to dive deep in the Dead Sea water isn’t arguable as that’s scientifically proven and totally factual. But the Dead Sea is not the saltiest water body on the planet as in most myths. There are believers who totally ignore Antarctica and that’s where all world record holders usually are, including the saltiest body of water!  Known as lake Don Juan, it was discovered in the Victoria land in 1961 and it really amazed researchers. The lake wasn’t covered with ice despite the fact that the water temperature reached -30°C and around the lake it was even 20° colder, all because of the salt which simply didn’t allow the liquid to freeze. Unfortunately, scientists can’t verify whether a person can drown in this lake or not because the lake has become quite shallow and now resembles a deep salty puddle. 1 Eight Hours of SleepImage 10How many hours of sleep  do people need to feel alive? Many of us will probably say eight hours because the more the merrier! Scientists say that sleep preferences are particular to each person and not everyone needs eight hours of sleep, for some even six hours is enough. There is no anomaly in this so there’s no need to run to a sleep doctor if you suddenly feel full of energy at 7 o’clock in the morning if you went to bed at 1 o’clock in the night before! Studies have shown that people who sleep six hours live longer than others and have higher productivity as well.  

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