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Psychologists seriously are interested in the mechanism of formation of so-called “false memoirs”. Professor of psychology of the University of Washington Elisabeth Loftus for years of researches found out, it is how easy to make an impression on the person what actually was not. Participants of the experimental psychologists included in a game who were not suspected, and thought up a set of “details” which were not.Researches in this area of the scientist were caused by frequent cases of development of false memory in patients of graduate students-psychotherapists. During the hypnosis sessions patients suddenly began “to remember” cases of sexual aggression which happened to them in the childhood. After the end of a session of hypnosis patients assured that their memoirs are real, and even tried to sort out the relations with offenders.It is extremely difficult to distinguish real memoirs from false. The increasing number of researches in this area show that under certain circumstances false memoirs can be easily realized in memory of people. Experiments show that people who testified any events can be lower at new noveverny information “to change” the memoirs. For example, witnesses of the road accident who claimed that the driver was guilty of it which did not notice a yellow signal of the traffic light it was divided into two groups. In one group “proof” was shown that light was green, and other group did not obtain false information about an incident. “After a while, when I was sure that I do not know how to make it”, he said.False information, misinformation of any sort can cause damage to our true memory. It can happen during the conversation with other people or, for example, to reading newspaper articles about events which we observed. There are many ways to make people susceptible to memory modification. For example, it is proved that the easiest “to change” memoirs if there passed a lot of time from the moment of the event to which real memoirs are connected.So sometimes sometimes memories of children are fabricated accidentally on the basis of what psychotherapists of perverts draw the wrong conclusions about the aggression and humiliation which are presumably experienced by patients in the childhood, and doctors do not understand that they will act in process of formation of these memoirs.

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