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off all deforestation isn’t always viable. Area of the Earth’s land will have to
be reshaped and changed as populations develop and change. However, this can be
balanced via appropriate organisation, reforestation application and conserving
the integrity of covered regions. Looking at the rate at which deforestation is
occurring today, nil deforestation activity seems to be impossible to achieve. A
few countries are actually already putting in efforts to overcome the
deforestation issue and  some of these
countries have seen success along this progress. Paraguay, for instance, managed
to decrease the deforestation rate of their country by 85% within years just following
the approval of its 2004 Zero Deforestation Law. Taking Paraguay as an example,
other nations of this planet should also come together and take the initiative
to make Earth  better place, since the
effects of deforestation will ruin mankind one day or another.

of all, as we take down trees, we must also plant them back. This is called
reforestation. Reforestation is the restoration of plant, herbs and trees that
will later grow into forests, in order to replenish the forests that have been
lost due to deforestation. Although reforestation does not bring obvious
changes in a short period of time, but this method is certainly one of the best
in the long run. It entails dedicating a huge piece of land specifically to
plant more trees. As an example, in local communities and urban facilities,
reforestation can be done across market areas, in wildlife reserves or within
parks in the town. This method is assumed to be the best because as the number of
trees increases, the global temperature can be brought down, amount of carbon
circulating in the atmosphere can be reduced and effects of deforestation can
be brought to a lower percentage. A similar method, called community forestry,
can also help in counterattacking deforestation. Community forestry is where groups,
agencies and faculties work together to begin localizing tree planting
activities and control of their nearby forests. On events which includes public
holidays, launching ceremonies and on environment days, local residents can raise
awareness about deforestation and reforestation and also emphasise on the need
to plant more trees.

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