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Rock Street, San Francisco

Ramen is usually a feast unto itself, but if you like you
can bulk up your bowl by adding

You plunge them back into the hot broth and slurp them
up.  Take your spoon, sip some broth and then
eat a piece of protein. I grabbed my chopsticks and spoon and dug in. 

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To eat it, you grab a small amount of noodles and free them
from the tangled web of ingredients.  

I opted for the Thai variation, Spicy Tom Yum Seafood.    Crowned
with a giant king prawn and a split soft-boiled soy egg, the dish was loaded
with tangles of noodles, scallops, calamari, bamboo shoots, sliced fish cake,
nori and scallions. 


When the main course arrived, I was glad I wasn’t alone. My
eyes poured over as the server slid a giant bowl of steaming broth in front of us.  If you’ve never experienced ramen, you’re in
for a treat – and no, those cheap dorm cup of noodles don’t count. It’s the
type of food anyone can eat – generally affordable, simple, and doesn’t have
any pretext. 

Shifting to the center of the menu, we then ordered the Asian
pork street tacos and few skewers of yakitori. 
The steak and chicken yakitori were perfectly grilled and juicy. The
quality of meat surpassed my expectations and at only $3.50 or under a stick, you’ll
find it’s difficult to order just one.  The
tacos, a creative concoction of tortilla layered with crunchy slaw, sumptuous
slices of pork, shreds of daikon and carrot, a drizzle of spicy mayo and a
confetti of greens onions were another solid choice.   

Our gluttonous galivant began with a Tornado Potato.  This eye-catching tuber gets spiral-cut,
skewered, fried and seasoned to order. 
The paper-thin slices of salty spud reminding me of the kabob-style carni-foods
I enjoyed as a kid.  Next, I sunk my
teeth into a Japanese staple, the Fyrball (aka Takoyaki.) Tender pieces of
octopus get fried in a savory, pancake like batter and drizzled with Takoyaki
sauce, Japanese mayo and a dusting of bonito flakes.  This fritter was a first for me and even
though it caused my anti-octopi fiancé to curl a lip, it won’t be the last.  

Enter this blink-and-you’ll-miss-it eatery and send your
senses into overdrive.  The combo of
umami-laden aromas and a scrolling marquee of food porn leave you feeling
hungrier than you originally anticipated. The space is small but inviting.  It’s whimsical cartoonish décor may appear
zany, but this joint takes its grub, and drinks, seriously. Their menu is
anchored by seven ramen varieties, but there are also many other great
options.  With appetizers like
Japanese-style fried chicken, Takoyaki, Bun Baos and a wallet-friendly yakitori
menu that’ll please carnivores, pescatarians and vegetarians alike, you can’t
go wrong here. 

Coral Springs is home to a variety of foods that’ll satisfy
an array of appetites.  It’s clear that
you don’t have to travel outside of town if you’ve got a hankering for sushi,
Italian, Latin, Indian, or American cuisine, but what about those of us who occasionally
crave something different – something unlike anything else in the neighborhood?
Let me introduce you to a new kid on the block – a kid with an unbridled
passion for one of my favorite things; noodles. 
Taking over the former home of Chick N’ Treats on Sample Road, Fyr and
Ice Asian Restaurant is a fast-casual outlet featuring a fusion of Asian street
foods and {}{}{}{}{}{}{}. 

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