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 Recently I was finding an idea for the report
on internet and I opened a website World Economic Forum and there was a survey
about gender equality it grasped my mind and the same day Saudi Government
announced that Saudi women are allowed to drive  so that moment I decided to write a report on
this topic. Many countries in the world are against gender inequality, but this
is a big issue as it can effect countries development as well as literacy. If
we didn’t do anything to stop it there will be some serious consequences like
it can result in losing millions of lives many victims of different cases will
not be able to raise their voices due to inequality for women. This problem can
also have a consequence that the talent of many women might be wasted, the intelligence
could not be utilized which will result in many things remaining undiscovered
and many issues and problems remaining unsolved.

Global Perspective

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shocking gender inequality exists in this world even after many international
and national measures have been taken. Many people in the world wants to make
the world equal for men and women both but still many people wants to be
superior to women but United Nations is working hard to make the world equal
place recently they made an Organization called United Nations Women, an
intergovernmental organization, “UN Women is the UN organization dedicated to
gender equality and the empowerment of women. A global champion for women and
girls, UN Women was established to accelerate progress on meeting their needs

In most
developed countries like New Zealand, women are allowed to live their lives as
they want there are no restrictions like those in some Middle Eastern countries
that women are even not allowed to leave their house without the permission of
their husband. In recent years, the ideology of liberalism has been promoted a
lot it has allowed everyone to do and think what they want. I think that women
shouldn’t be dealt like slaves that even before exiting house they have to ask
their husband but as the world is moving forward many organizations and
countries are working hard for the rights of women. Recently Saudi Government
has also shared their interest in giving rights to women as they given
permission to women living there to drive a car which was recently
prohibited  “The decree said that women
would be allowed to drive”(Aljazeera 27, September 2017).Out of 135 nations,
only 4 nations have been able to achieve the ideology of gender equality. The
measures which make the place best for men and women to live is health, basic
educations, job opportunities and the right to think and speak.

The reasons
for the gender inequality vary place to place. But there are some crimes which
are common in most of the countries murder of women, violence, and rape. Honor
killing is also a very noticeable issue as women are killed in keeping the
honor of their families. Recently 3000 women in 
Guatemala,130million women in Africa and approximately 5,000 women in
India became the victims of gender inequality some were killed some were
mutilated and women in India were killed as women’s family didn’t give men’s
family annual money due to which bride were burned.

Not only
this way they are discriminated but also in jobs there is gender inequality
women are paid less compared to men or in many cases they work in informal
sectors where they are not paid. Approximately they only own 1% of the world wealth.
Most cases women work hard but their promotions are limited which not only
affect them but also waste a lot of talent of a country and results in not
advancing and it effects GDP.

National Perspective

Founder of
Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah had stated that a nation can never be
developed if women are not working side by side with men, but if I have to talk
about the present situation of Pakistan we can clearly see the gender
discrimination. Pakistani women can be divided into two groups. First who are considered
burden for families and others who are extremely important for their family.
The  class which is educated and knows
the importance of daughter,  but the
class which is lacking in education thinks  that they are a burden on them the main
reason  for this gender inequality is
that in Pakistan parents think when they will get old their daughter will get
married and leave there house and will get settled with her husband and we will
remain lonely for rest of the life our whole life hard work and money spent
will not be rewarded back , moreover another problem is that parents who belong
to small families or traditional families also do not want their property to be
transferred  to another family as a child
inherits the property of their parents.

prefer men over women in Pakistan as according to their ideology men is a
better helping hand than men. How can they be a helping hand unless they will
not be appointed at good posts until there will be gender inequality? They will
be employed for jobs (women comprise over half of Pakistan’s population, yet
only 22.7 percent are part of the labor force) ( ).Problem is that
only according to a survey only  3% of
the women are given the position in management in that survey Pakistan was
rated lowest this survey was held by an international labor organization.
Moreover, another problem is that most people in Pakistan are farmers or belong
to such types of families which make men superior over women as men will be
continuing his farming and business but women will not be able to do so.
Sex-selective abortion is another big problem in Pakistan just to have a male
boy they terminate the pregnancy. The literacy rate for women is also very low
then men   But we also cannot neglect the
efforts of Pakistan as they are also working hard to promote gender equality.
Only for women, Pakistan has set 60 permanent seats in national assembly it can
be more but not less. Moreover, Pakistan is one of the least Muslims countries
who allow their women to play sports at international level. Not only this to
promote             the concept that
women are equal to men Punjab government also hired a female traffic police to
control the traffic that woman is the Pakistan’s first ever women who is
working as a traffic warden in Pakistan but still, we have to improve a lot
still a long way to go to reach the level of developed countries.

Personal Perspective

equality should be the basic principle of every society. A society cannot be
successful until male and female both are not considered equal in a society..
Women are also the member of the same community they have same abilities.
According to me being sexist not only effects the society but also results in effecting
the country economy as well as GDP a lot mostly developed countries have a
minor gap between gender inequality. Women should be allowed to do what they
want but if she is wrong in something then some restrictions should be applied
to her.

According to
WEF GENDER GAP2016 we can clearly see most countries are having less male and
female discrimination there GDP is high and mostly they are developed and there
education rate is high. Women makes 49.6% population of the world if we will be
neglecting almost half of the population due to a small change in them then how
will the world develop quickly average every country in the world have a
population of women more than 40% with the interference of these people how can
a country move toward growth, development how can one’s GDP be improved.
Liberalism is a weapon which can easily change the mind, thinking of our people
the problem is that we never listen to others we have set a single perspective
until we will not listen to others opinions we will never move forward we will
never be able to minimize the gender difference. As after comparing World
Economic Forum survey about Gender Gap and Business Insider Uk survey we can
easily see that countries which have topped in liberalism list have also topped
in gender equality list i.e. Iceland, Sweden, Norway, have topped in both list
so according to me it is enough to convince that liberalism is the enemy of
gender in equality


1) Gender
inequality almost abolished

There is no
doubt that this statement might one day come true the world is working hard to
stop gender inequality but till now no one has succeeded but there are a lot of
chance for this as in Scandinavian countries it is almost near its end. They
have improved their education system 99% of their population is literate they
are taught how to behave, what are ethics and every person in their society
have a right to speak and listen. They send their children to school at the
same age at which other countries do but there is a difference between them and
other nations they spend their early ages in teaching those ethics and values.
If other nations will start to follow the same pattern within 10 to 20 years
world will reach 1% of gender inequality. As this scenario is followed by few
countries why can’t the whole world do this also?

2) Gender
inequality killing a lot of women

This can be
another scenario of the topic as the world is still unequal regarding women and
the world is somehow not in big trouble in this issue due to their education
system philosopher and motivation talkers and they are liberal they listen to
everyone and last most important UN interference. Problem is that we can’t
predict future there can be a downfall of  
Super Power America as it is controlling the majority of the world it
can once again weaken the UN influence and problem of gender inequality can
once again hit countries in South Asia, Africa etc  and it can result in gender inequality at its
peak problem is if pressure on these countries will not be kept built until
they become fully gender equal they must be kept under  some strict policies and supervision that
they might result in the scenario above. These people mostly are narrowly
minded they do what they like never listen to others that what is right and
what is wrong.

3) Country
reaches peak or Country at its downfall (GDP)

This is a
scenario which depends on the whole population which means every gender, If
women will be given rights and a little respect, they will be given good
education and jobs equal to men they will work hard which will make the
country’s economy better, which will result in an increase in GDP.If they will
not be seen equal as a male it might result in the downfall n GDP.

Possible course of action

Nation should promote programs regarding this issue. Policies must be made
which will be somehow related to Women’s right which must be covered. Moreover,
USA must show interest in it which will promote small countries. At national
level education must be made compulsory for every one which should be gender
sensitive. If a men or women will have basic education hey will understand
women importance. There should be strong punishment for Sexual Harassment of
women and sex abortion shall be prohibited if someone do she or he for this
must be punished. To clear the concept that they are equal they must be made to
be work in same place and the salary should be kept same and promotions should
not only be  given to men  but 
also to women .Moreover the idea of liberalism should be taught in all
education systems and as well as the public 
should also be made aware about idea and philosophy of liberalism. Until
we all will not contribute our self we will not succeed in this mission.    

Personal response                                                                                                               

After all
the research I came up at a conclusion that liberalism and gender equality are
two aspects which have to be kept with each other people with only broad mind
are able to understand this moreover I also came to know that women are
extremely important part of our community without them it is really difficult
to survive they are the helping hands. Majority countries in the world  are against this I don’t understand this is
wrong in this. This will not benefit any one else but only your own country
.World need to get equal for every one otherwise it will become a hell. Against
this some quick actions should be taken by UN to promote this issue like by
asking governments  to make laws for this
problem and this way our world will become really peaceful and relaxing place
to live.                                                                                                        

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