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Reese PetroMockEnglish 206 January 2018People Failing To Get Positive Influence From Media I am researching media influence and how it has affected people negatively in America today. As I have been researching I have found authors who have written journals and articles on media influence and the theories they have found with that. This topic is important to investigate because in today’s society we are surrounded by media influence everywhere, and many people have experience with the media. However, we do not know for a fact all people in America have been affected in a negative way by media influence. We already know from authors and experts that people depend on the media and are affected by it because of Media Dependence, Two- Step Flow Model of Communication, The Variable of Nature of News Media Influence, The Trouble With Bad News and The influence of Media Violence on Youth. My goal in this paper is to show how much media in America has affected people in a negative way affecting today’s society’s behavior and thoughts. The first theory authors and experts wrote about was media dependence. “Media Dependency Theory” by Yang Lin stated, “In general, the extent of the media’s influence is related to the degree of dependence of individuals and social systems on the media” (Lin). This saying that influence is coming from the number of social systems in the media. People are in the media everywhere and the more people depending on it the more it is affecting behavior and giving people opinions, not on their own. These opinions then turn to arguments because the internet and the social systems are giving the opinions and making people believe in it. “Affective effects include, for example, the development of feeling or fear and anxiety about living in certain neighborhoods as a result of overexposure to news reports about violent events in such areas” (Lin). This quote is an example of how media affects people negatively in America today. Media violence is creating fear and anxiety of what people are on the internet. For example, people are scared to be in the area they live because of something they saw in the media and they depend on the media to find out about dangers. Then, while researching I found an article by Jack Haskins called, “The Trouble With Bad News”. “Since 1950 the proportion of bad news, in the U.S. media remains remarkably stable” (Haskins). This quote is saying the amount of bad news on media and how it is being spread is what is keeping the media in America stable. This is a negative effect on people because they are getting that amount of bad news every day by being on the media. Although, the negative news and big amount of it, is what keeps media going. Next, in the article, “The Influence of Media Violence on Youth” by Craig Anderson is, “Recent surveys reveal an extensive presence of violence in modern media” (Anderson). In this quote, we are told that surveys have shown us violence from media in our society today. Violence from media is coming from media posts influencing people in a bad way. To add, children are seeing the violence in the media and get used to being under the influence of seeing violence from a day to day basis. Another article I found while researching the negative effect media influence has on people in America was, “Two- Step Flow Model of Communication” by Monica Postelnicu. Monica said, “It was only a small percentage of people discuss information they have learned from mass media with their peers” (Postelnicu). People in America today do not learn large amounts or get knowledge from the internet. It is not being used in a positive effect by teaching us and educating us with social media. Only a small amount of people really felt they have learned from media. “…the less the time the issue has been promoted in the media, the greater is the news media’s influence an opinion about that issue” (Zucker). This was quoted in the article, “The Variable Nature of News Media Influence” by Harold Zucker. The small  amount of time something is posted on the media the more people create opinion and set on them. This then leads to negative behavior from such strong opinions they created. People also just read and go along with opinions they see in the media which is how most people in America are affected. My research on media influence and how it has affected people in America today showed that the media does negatively affect people. We are shown by media dependence, media violence on youth, many theories, flow models of communications and more. The research I found in articles and journals by experts informed facts and information of the negative effects the media had on today’s society. The influence people in America today have got from the media is reliance, anxiety, fear, and bad behavior and opinions. The media has affected today’s society in many ways and they are not in a positive way.

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