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Report about the company? Apple’s first icon was designed by Steve Jobs and Wayne, and depicts Sir Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree. However, it was immediately replaced by the Rainbow Apple logo by Rob Janoff, now famous for a rainbow in the form of a shaved apple shadow. Janoff presented several monochromatic models to Steve Jobs, and these models were uploaded directly to Jobs. ? The original logo, Sir Isaac Newton, shows that the logo symbolized the discovery of gravity (through the apple) and the separation of light through the prism (to the colors of the rainbow). Another explanation is that the logo was motivated by loyalty to the mathematician Alan Thuring , Who committed suicide by eating an apple contaminated with cyanide. Turing is one of the parents of the computer. The frequency that the colors of the rainbow in the logo can be a reference to the science of the rainbow.? 2014 is the ideal year for Apple, which is one of the most successful years in its history in the field of sales, as evidenced by the actual sales figures of the company, as analysts market in the world of technology to divide these sales on the number of days of the year was the result as follows:                     * Daily sales of 527,841.                     * Daily sales of iPad 173,591.                    * Daily sales of Mac 53.65 with a total return of $ 547.397 million, giving a net       profit of $ 101.369 million per day? The financial reserve of Apple is estimated at 178 billion dollars, which exceeds the reserves of the countries around the world. The comparison of this figure with some Arab countries exceeds the financial reserves of all the Arab countries. Two countries, Saudi Arabia and Algeria, For example, it meets the financial reserve of the United Arab Emirates three times, which is 58 million dollars, which is also four times the financial reserve of the State of Qatar registered at 40 billion dollars, and comes Kuwait to meet its financial reserves 5 times 34 billion dollars. Then the Arab Republic of Egypt is 12 times its financial reserve estimated at 15 billion dollars.? Apple has a lot of  good men to manage and work on the existence of such successes for a major company such as Apple, but there are always men have an active role in such companies, but it could be unknown to Mr. Levinson, Apple is a non-executive, as Levinson assumed the post to replace Steve Jobs after his death, and it is noteworthy that he has so far dealt with the largest number of shares among Apple employees and the number of these shares is 1.12 million shares worth a financial value of 150 million dollars? Since the formation of Apple Computer in 1977, the company has employed more than 75 thousand people around the world. The majority of Apple’s employees are in the United States, but Apple has an enormous amount of manufacturing, sales, marketing and support teams around the world, with some engineering operations in Paris and Tokyo.? Apple’s first logo, “Bytes of Apple” was written in the late 1970s. (The word “Byte”: a byte pronounced as the word “Bite”) from 1997-2002, and Apple used the logo thought differently in its advertising campaigns. This logo had a lasting impact on Apple’s image and revived their popularity with the media and customers. Despite the retirement of this logo, it is still closely linked to Apple? Apple has been criticized by both users and developers for stopping Google Voice from the iPhone online store, pressuring reporters to disclose their sources of information about Apple’s future products, and restrictive and long-term approval or Non-acceptance of third-party software for IP, disabling iTunes with external devices such as Palm Berry, exclusive iPhone in the United States with AT & T telephone companies, along with questions and concerns regarding the rejection of other applications, approval process On any new applications for the IP store in general.  George Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of global product marketing, tried to address many of the concerns of App Store by sending messages to each of the developers? Apple logo is the logo that Apple users love around the world, known to everyone as an apple logo, and the surprise information that this logo was not the first logo of Apple, but Apple’s logo is the image of Isaac Newton.Reference• Dormehl, Luke (January 3, 2017). “Today in Apple history: Apple becomes a corporation”. Cult of Mac. Retrieved May 2, 2017.• ^ a b “Frequently Asked Questions”. Apple Investor Relations. Apple Inc. Retrieved April 18, 2017.• ^ Luo, Benny (September 12, 2013). “Ronald Wayne: On Co-founding Apple and Working With Steve Jobs”. Next Shark. Retrieved July 9, 2017.• Hormby, Thomas. A history of Apple’s Lisa, 1979–1986, Low End Mac, October 6, 2005. Retrieved March 2, 2007.• Harreld, Heather (January 5, 1997). “Apple gains tech, agency customers in Next deal”. Federal Computer Week. Archived from the original on December 6, 2008. 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