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Research In the science fair project there is many things that goes into the project itself including, the materials and the scientific terms, friction, speed, linear force, resistive force, each of the words play a important part in the science project.Friction is the resistance to motion of a moving object to move relative to the surface. When two rough surfaces rub against each other there is more friction than two smooth surfaces rubbing against each other. There are two types of friction: static and kinetic. Static friction is between surfaces that are not moving relative to each other. Kinetic friction happens when the surfaces are moving. The atoms inside a solid object can have friction. Such as, if a piece of metal gets compressed, the atoms in it move, creating an internal friction. (Internal means inside of an object.) In nature there are no frictionless environments. Even in space there are still materials and surfaces that interact with each other, and causes friction. When sledding down a hill, friction is the thing that stops the sled from going on forever. Without friction everything would slide all over the place. It is also the force that makes the wear and tear on bike gears and other mechanical parts. This is why people made lubricants, or liquids, are often used to get rid of some of the friction between the moving parts. Speed is the rate one thing/person that moves and or operate, there is different kinds of speed, fast, slow, and steady, fast is when one object/person is moving quickly along a terrain and slow is a thin person is moving as a slower across a terrain and is taking its time and steady is when it moves at a constant pace. Speed is the distance traveled per unit of time. It is how fast an object is moving. It does not have a direction. The higher the speed, the fast the object moves in less the time. A lower speed means it moves slow with more time. If the speed is at zero, the object is not moving at all.Linear Force is a one dimensional motion that moves along a straight line or platform. There can be two types: uniform linear motion with velocity or non-zero acceleration. Resistive Force

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