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Writers frequently write about what they are familiar with. Throughout the narrative a somber undertone is used. O’Connor includes issues others may be afraid to discourse. Why may this be true? Let ‘s detect how O’Connor ‘s life and the history of society affected her manner of authorship.

A Good Man is Difficult to Find Tells the narrative of a household that is taking a holiday. The grandma wants to see Tennessee, but the remainder of the household want to travel to Florida. On their manner the household runs into “ misfits ” where they meet their fate. Throughout the narrative the grandma makes a batch of comparings between her coevals and today ‘s coevals. She complains that kids in today ‘s society have a deficiency of regard and garbage to listen. It is dry because had the household listened to the grandma and went to Tennessee so the household would non hold met their destiny. The narrative ends in a journey that brought them to their decease. Death is the root of O’Connor ‘s narratives.

O’Connor was born in Savannah, GA in 1925. Flannery O’Connor grew up Catholic. She attended mass dependably. Turning up O’Connor could ne’er develop a relationship with her female parent. O’connor lost her male parent at a immature age to a disease called Lupus. She described the loss of her male parent as “ being shot by God ” ( Gentry ) . Following her male parent ‘s decease O’Connor ne’er could develop a healthy, enduring relationship with a adult male. O’Connor did non transcend academically her first one-fourth of college but pursued composing diligently after being diagnosed with Lupus herself. After a life of 39 old ages O’Connor died in 1964 from the same disease her male parent suffered from.

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O’Connor writes about her religion extensively in her essays and short narratives. Turning up missing emotional stableness, and being a devoted Catholic, is reflected in her authorship which is displayed by the absence of earnestness in her characters and the religious experience they encounter. O’Connor ‘s authorship manner is known for being really dark and grotesque. O’Connor lived during World War II when there was a spot of disturbance and ill will. She writes a batch about good versus immorality and forces her characters to atone. This is shown where the grandmother is run intoing her ain destiny inquiring forgiveness from the misfit, “ I know you ‘re a good adult male. You do n’t look a spot like you have common blood. I know you must come from nice people ” ( 233 ) . O’Connor speaks a batch of decease in her composing deducing from the world of her male parent ‘s decease and her approaching decease. “ She systematically said her life was both irrelevant and uninteresting ” ( Gentry ) . “ O’Connor ‘s vision of history is reflected in her fictional techniques and that she attempts to reenact Christ ‘s Incarnation in all her fictional embodiments ” ( Desmond ) . This is proved at the terminal of the narrative when the Misfit says, “ Jesus was the lone One that of all time raised the dead ” ( 236 ) . Although O’Connor ‘s authorship manner is Gothic she understands and appreciates life which is supported by Bouchard, “ The household is populating without truly being cognizant of the fact that life is cherished. ” O’Connor has a greater gratitude towards life because her life was so short lived.

The narrative takes topographic point in more rural parts of Georgia. In A Good Man is Difficult to Find, the expounding introduces the trip the household is about to take and offers the reader a comparing between coevalss. The writer includes this because it gives the reader an reading on her point of view. The flood tide begins when the grandmother shriek, “ You ‘re the misfit! ” ( 232 ) . The declaration would be the decease of the household. The narrative exemplifies situational sarcasm because the grandmother tried converting the remainder of the household to travel to Tennessee, and warned them of confronting the misfit if they went South, which in all world that ‘s the manner the fate was headed. The trip to Florida symbolizes the journey of life. The misfit signifies evil and an boisterous society. The disrespectful kids reflect today ‘s coevals. The writer uses a really heavy tone. The author writes about serious subjects that leave the reader feeling breathless.

Overall O’Connor writes about the truth in life, although she writes it with a dark sense of wit. O’Connor proves people are of course scared of decease. In her narratives the characters try to avoid decease. Her manner of authorship is stating her readers decease is inevitable, and advises non be scared of it. We all have a fate.

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