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Students Attendance




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The existing conventional attendance
now a day’s is students manually sign in the attendance sheet or calls the name
and sign in by the professor whenever they attend the class. Such methods can
be automated. There are number of problems can be faced  . Such as unnecessary time consumed by the
students to write down their name and sign on the attendance sheet might affect
if it’s a large group. This might also lead to fake attendance where students
sign in for the person who is not attending class. Students sheet also can be
misplaced by the professors. To solve this problems having system which can
automatically get students attendance by RFID card reader where students have
to use the card on the RFID reader and the senor capture it and save it on the
attendance system. This system helps lecturers to keep in track of their student’s
attendance. It helps in prove quality of teaching and keep a track on student’s




There are several related works in the
literature, the application of RFID technology to different areas and
specifically to the problem area of  University attendance tracking . In the
authors designed and implemented a model of a secure and portable integrated
reader system to read biometric data from the electronic passport. The authors
attempted to solve reliability, security and privacy issues in electronic
passports by authenticating the holder online using the Global Mobile
Communications System  network. The GSM
network is the main interface between the identification center and the e passport
reader. The communication data is protected between the server and the electronic
passport reader by using AES to encrypt the data for protection while
transferring through the GSM network. Author in  reviewed the current RFID research application
in different areas with emphasis on the application for supply chain management
and developed a taxonomic framework to classify literature that allows quick
and easy content analysis to help identify areas for future research. The
authors in  reviewed the use of RFID in
an integrated circuit (IC) packaging house to solve inventory transaction
problems. His study suggests that RFID contributes with significant
improvements in the water receiving process and the inventory transaction
process that reduces labor costs and human-made errors. In , an automated
assistance management system was implemented on both the electronic and mobile
platforms using an AR 400 stationary array RFID reader with four circular
polarized antennas and a Symbol MC9000-G handheld RFID reader, respectively. In
the electronic platform, the assistance management system represents a simple
client system. Students can visually see their names when they enter the class
on the screen and are assured that their presence has been entered into the
instructor’s database. However, an important drawback of this system is that
the reading rates of the RFID tag are degraded
tremendously as it
approaches electronic devices. In , an automatic assistance system was proposed
using the fingerprint verification technique.

The confirmation
of the print method continued achieved by extricating nonstandard points on the
crest of the user’s fingerprint or in the details technique. The verification
confirms the authenticity of an sanctioned user by performing a one-to-one
comparison of the captured fingerprint templates with the templates stowed in
the database. The proposed automatic assistance system indicates that it is
true or false based on the logical end of the previous one-to-one verification of
the person’s authenticity . The authors in  also reviewed and proposed the biometric
system using fingerprint identification to assist in the automation of
employees in an organization. Consequently, the authors of proposed a student
wolf club tracking system to simplify and accelerate the process of allocating
wolf student club tickets to sporting events. Our proposal emphasizes a simple,
unswerving and cost-effective model for face face classroom attendance
management that uses the existing student identification card chip as the
passive label with additional short message services aimed at parents as a
weekly summary.


In  an automatic presence
system using fingerprint verification technique was recommended. The
fingerprint technique verification was attained using withdrawal of irregular
point on the ridge of user’s fingerprint or details technique. The evidence
confirms the authenticity of an authorized user by performing one to one comparison
of a captured fingerprint templates against the stored templates in the
database. The proposed automatic attendance system signals either true or false
based on logical result of previous one to one verification of person’s
authenticity . Authors in  also studied
and proposed biometric system using fingerprint identification for attendance
automation of employees in an organization. Consequently, authors in proposed
student wolf pack club tracking system to abridge and speed up the process of
student wolf pack club ticket distribution for athletic event. Our proposition
emphasizes a simple, reliable then cost effective model for face face
classrooms attendance executive that uses existing student ID card chip as the
passive tag with additional short message will be send by  facilities to parents equally weekly precipitate.






The system is based on RFID tag, we have hardware component in the
application. We going to us basic hardware used as an interfacing  device to read and store in the data base.





RFID Scanner                                                                                  RFID



The scanner is to scan 10 digit
RFID unique code and store it into the data base. Each card have 10 digit
unique code for recognition purposes




Advantage of the System


System is fast when it is compared
to manual way of doing this its accurate reliable flexible and is completely
automated. It doesn’t  need paper to fill
it up saves paper , save time taken for the attendance, cant have fake
attendances. It helps to track students performance in the class and sends mail
to the parents if there not attending their class. Students overall class
attendance is also calculated in order to confirm if the student is eligible to
sit in exams.



Conclusion & Future


 The edification has recognized
and clarified the key benefits of RFID technology. The Student Attendance
System using Radio Frequency Identification technology with purpose stand will considerably
advance the current manual process of student attendance recording and tracking
system, especially in a university atmosphere. The system approves a
fully-automated method is used to take student attendances and monitor students
in the university. The attendance is safe and accurate. It is easy to use
as  attendance it can be stored and retrieve
easily. It can further be used in other RFID things were can be used in Food
Courts to pay instead of hard cash in the future.  It doesn’t take extra cost to build it and can
be used for long term .



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