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Samuel Morse was born in Charlestown, Massachusetts, on April 27, 1791.In Samuel’s early life as a child his parents were strong on having a very solid education and because of this Samuel Morse attended Phillips Academy starting at the age of seven. While at Phillips Academy Samuel Morse wasn’t the best student there but he had a great talent of drawing. With this talent his parents and teachers led him on to painting miniature portraits on ivory. Shortly after Samuel Morse graduated from Yale college in 1810. After he graduated he Samuel Morse went on to pursue his passion in art but he quickly realized that his portraits gained a lot of attention but very little if not any sales. While Samuel Morse was experiencing this he was in desperate need of work to support himself and he helped found the National Academy of Design. This was an organization that was intended to help secure sales for artists and to raise the likeness of paintings to the public. Moving forward , in October 1832 Samuel Morse went to the United Statesand on his trip there he met Charles Thomas Jackson and together they discussed Electromagnetism and  how an electric impulse could be carried along even a very long wire. With this idea in mind Samuel Morse stated I see no reason why intelligence might not be instantaneously transmitted by electricity to any distance”according to This idea quickly led on to Samuel Morse thinking about creating a telegraph that he took out a patent for. Samuel Morse also had the three basic parts to build a telegraph which were a sender, which opened and closed an electric circuit,  a receiver, which used an electromagnet to record the signal and a code, which translated the signal into letters and numbers. Nextly, in January 1836, Samuel Morse finally created a working telegraph and he tested with Joseph Henry , an American physicist and got the chance to greatly improve on this prototype. Lastly, on May 24, 1844, that Morse tapped out his famous message on his improved telegraph , “What hath God wrought made!” according to Later on in Samuel Morse’s life he passed away on April 2, 1872. Actual Samuel Morse to be at my number five spot because Samuel Morse created a new way of communicating with others over a long distance effectively .  I also chose to Samuel Morse to be at this spot because Morse code was very important during World War Two as it allowed communication with others during the war to be fast and enemies couldn’t find out information which is very important during any war.Sources:

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