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Sarah MahiMs. CampbellEnglish 1, Period 4October 9, 2017Have you ever been cyberbullied? It is a common form of bullying because many people have easy access to electronics which makes cyber bullying more common. Not many people can fight back to their cyberbullies which makes it more easy for them to get away with. They should be punished, they can cause a lot of harm to people. This issue is a big issue that plays with people’s self esteem and their public figure too. I am presenting you this idea because I believe that cyber bullies should be punished as equally as bullies. Due to cyber bullies many people have suicidal thoughts. In the article “Cyberbullying: Scourge of the internet”, Sam Laird states that One in ten people attempt suicide due to cyber bullies and 20% have suicidal thoughts. Cyber bullies also end up lowering people’s self esteem. When someone’s self esteem is lowered they completely change as a person. Sometimes this can lead to eating disorders too. Celebrities are also affected by cyberbullies, Laird said that when Rebecca Black’s song “Friday” came out she was forced to quit middle school due to the embarrassment that she faced at her school. When affected by cyber bullies people can start self harm. When people are cyber bullied they feel as if the whole world is against them. It causes insecurity which leads to self harm. A solution for this problem could be that when accounts get reported for cyberbullying, they shouldn’t be allowed to make another account. When someone is being cyberbullied online, their first instinct is to  block or report that person. When it gets reported the account should automatically get deleted. After it gets deleted, that account or person shouldn’t be allowed to make another account. Imagine a world where there is no online bullying, there would be less hate. There would be less people  harming themselves and there wouldn’t be as many people developing eating disorders. Think about it if you were cyberbullied, if you experienced hate. Wouldn’t you want the person that caused you pain punished?Bibliography:At, Ganda. “Should Schools Punish Cyberbullies?” CNN, Cable News Network, 7 Oct. 2010,                          ”Cyberbullying Rampant on the Internet.” Cyber Bully,”Effects of Cyber Bullying.” Bullying UK,,Sherri | Reviewed by Joel Forman, MD. “How Does Cyberbullying Affect Your Child?” Verywell, Hoffman, Jan. “How Should Schools Handle Cyberbullying?” The New York Times, The New York Times, 27 June 2010,”Is Your Kid Being Cyberbullied?” Parenting, 20 Dec. 2010,, Sam. “Cyberbullying: Scourge of the Internet INFOGRAPHIC.” Mashable, Mashable, 8     July 2012,”Tips to Help Stop Cyberbullying.” ConnectSafely, o-help-stop-cyberbullying/

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