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Security is a critical factor
in the design and deployment of wireless networks. Security issues are the main
concerns for the businesses as the wireless data LANs are deployed on the
infrastructures. Wireless data transmits over radio frequency which introduces new
opportunities for eavesdropping in the wireless communications. The data can be
breached with a suitable transceiver within the range of the communication. It
makes an easier way to eavesdrop on the data passing through the radio waves. Wireless
network offers a platform for an attacker to compromise data transmitting over
wireless devices without requiring any physical arrangements. The interception
over the network to capture all of the traffic transmitting through multiple
devices has become a crucial factor in the security. Therefore, businesses need
to implement efficient technology that can protect against wireless network

            Virtual Private Network (VPN) has
been introduced as a viable solution that builds a secure and private
communications over public network infrastructures. VPN essentially creates a
secure tunnel between a public and private network with the use of encryption
methods to transmit the data. A tunnel uses cryptographic techniques to prevent
other transmitter to intercept the data being transmitted over the network. VPN
leverages the use of different types of protocol to provide scalability and
security for the enterprise to secure the wireless LAN networks. The most
common types of protocols used in the implementation of VPN are IPsec and SSL. IPsec
functions primarily at a network layer and SSL functions at an application
layer. They both provide a valid solution for securing remote access over
wireless networks but it is important in the way they can be strategically
design to secure the transmitted data over the networks as well as provide
benefits to businesses. 

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