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With a hacker attack happening somewhere every 39 seconds,
you need trustworthy, tested protection for your digital environment. The
Microsoft Office 365 collection of threat-protection technologies helps protect
against and provides visibility about spam, malware, viruses, phishing
attempts, malicious links, and other threats.

Get enterprise-class reliability and protect against spam,
malware, and known threats while maintaining access to email during and after
emergencies. Exchange Online Protection provides security and reliability to
help protect your end users so that you can stay in control of your email
environment. And because it’s easy to deploy and maintain, it’s easier than
ever to protect your organization from external threats.

Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) helps protect
against sophisticated threats hidden in email attachments and links, and it
provides cutting-edge defences against zero-day threats, ransom ware, and other
advanced malware attempts. Rich reporting lets you investigate why ATP flagged
a threat, and it gives you details about the users who received malicious
emails and malicious links.

So let us help you save all your emails and data!


Email is run on by your company. Mimecast’s safety,
archiving and continuity cloud solutions Protect company email and deliver
comprehensive threat management in a single subscription support.

We give workers fast and secure access to sensitive externally
and you rely on this being available all day, every day.

Guarantee email, and business info keeps operating in case
of a service outage that is key.

Be protected and managed or it risks exposing your
organization and your data to assault. Your customers and your supply chain are
much too valuable to take that chance.

Associated with protecting email. You no longer need to
manage a range of disjointed point solutions from multiple vendors. And you
mitigate single seller exposure in case you’ve moved your primary email server
to the cloud together with solutions like Microsoft Office 365.

For all it offers, email has to It is that the primary way
you speak internally and your mails are secure! Mimecast reduces complexity the
risk and cost traditionally.

IBM MaaS360

IBM MaaS360 is a Reliable enterprise mobility Management
solution which makes operating in a mobile planet safe and more simple. Use
cellular device management with detailed protection to allow email, content,
applications and devices.

Few of Its Own Advantages:


1) Easily manage your devices- View all your devices in one
place and Remotely manage right over-the-air.


2) Keep apps and data protected- Help Users receive the info
they need, without the chance of data leaks.


3) Quickly install programs- Promote, Distribute and upgrade
programs using an interactive catalog.

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