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SPH-H 403


#2: Abstracts

#1 What Every Parent Should Know About
College Binge Drinking

What Every Parent Should Know About
College Binge Drinking. (2017.). Retrieved January 22, 2018, from heart/services/diagnosti c_tests/echocardiogram px?chunkiid=23346

source talks about danger of alcohol and how parents can take care of their
child to be free from alcohol problem. The importance of studying effects of
alcohol is that alcohol is very friendly in people’s life. Therefore, teenagers
are easy to get alcohol from their home or friends. One of the alcohol problem
is drinking alcohol a lot, which is called binge drinking. Binge drinking is
more than five times drinks per 2 hours for males and more than four times
drinks per 2 hours for females. The problem of binge drinking is throwing out,
lose control body and thinking, and stop breathing. Binge drinking causes to be
death, so people who are side to people who drink a lot should be attention to
drunken people. The possible reasons of binge drinking in teenagers are caused
psychological problem. Therefore, parents need to prevent their kid from binge
drinking. There are some ways to prevent it. First, parents should know about
what factors influence. Second, parents need talks to their kid about binge
drinking in adolescences. The point is that parents always keep talking about
problem of alcohol to their kid. Lastly, parents need to talk with their kid
about psychological problem. To be understand more this study, the source needs
more detailed data that what kind of communication between parents and kid are
more effective to protect binge alcohol.

#2 Sport Participation and alcohol and
illicit drug use in adolescents and young adults: A systematic review of
longitudinal studies

Sport participation and alcohol and
illicit drug use in adolescents and young adults: A systematic review of
longitudinal studies. (2013, November 10). Retrieved January 22, 2018, from
http://www.sciencedire ii/S0306460313003766

source is about how playing sport is related to teenager alcohol. Teenagers
start to drink when they are in middle school or high school. The time is in
adolescent period, so the period is very important to teenagers. This study is
based on 17 study examinations to prove relationship between playing sport and
alcohol. In the research about relationship between playing sport and alcohol
used in teenagers, playing sport can cut percentages of alcohol used. The
result is very interesting and useful that how playing sport relates to
teenager alcohol. The result shows that 82 percentages of teenagers who play
sport have positive result to drink alcohol. In addition, playing individual
sport and team sport have different result. Teenagers who play team sport are
greater alcohol use than teenagers who play individual sport because of
socialization. However, teenagers who play sport are less drink alcohol than
teenager who do not play sport. Thus, playing sport affects to decrease to
drink alcohol. To be understand this study, there are some more specific
information and data about kind of sport. This study only references individual
and team sport. However, there are more detailed which sport is effective to
protect to teenagers’ alcohol use. 

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