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Shaza Samy is an entrepreneur than
represents various executives and managerial conducts that make her an
excellent leader, and qualify her to manage and operate her own business. Education
wise, Shaza has been in two schools during her past 12 years, Choueifat and El
Alsson. This has helped her maintain friendships and learn how to operate well
around different types people with different personalities. Moreover, this has
helped shaza and encouraged her to work with a team in well conditions and
function well; this will have a great outcome and benefit her relationship with
her employees.


Shaza displays specific qualities that
allow her to monitor, guide, teach others, and operate well within a team, as
she has done ordinarily some time recently. Different experiences and
encounters have prompted to the character development that Shaza has qualified,
those being conducting great teamwork. working along the student council,
helping charities, and taking part in organizing occasions, having also worked
as an intern over the summer has helped her take part of a much bigger task and
to address every one of the groups issues instead of her own. Shaza has also
participated with her school with “INGAZ”, which helps students from various
schools take part in their own start business. This was the most important and
most vital experience, this helped shaza take focus and passion, and use her
main managerial skills. This also helped see how you work well along others and
how you engage and how you divide the work fairly and wisely, and that everyone
is equally responsible even if it is not in your field.

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Management Style:


best and most effective style of business is democratic since its characteristics
are leadership, responsibility and fairly distrusting the work along the
employees. It also means having the trust back ad forth between the workers and
stepping in when needed. In addition, this will empower the employees to set
their own terms as if the business was their own and to achieve the objectives
needed to make a successful business. Since my business is a small café, to
study and meditate your mind from the out side world. Where students,
entrepreneurs, thinkers, and contributes to society and work enthusiasts can
appreciate the quiet, relaxing time they have to focus in a secluded capacity. I
expect each employees to be friendly and work well along others whether with
them in the business or a customer. The democratic style permits them to make
their own particular objectives and feel a feeling of freedom while
additionally realizing that their manager may drain them at whatever point it
is required.


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