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Shooting In “shootings”, Adam Gopnik speaks about a shooting that took place in Virginia Tech Engineering building, and how the parents of the victims were told that it was not the right moment to ask questions. Gopnik also gives his points of view on how the shooting could have been avoided. Gopnik suggests that the main reason why these types of incidents keep happening in the United States is because there is a lack of security and requirements on who should not be able to buy a gun.

The government should do what others countries are doing, and Gopniks example, is the massacre that happened in Paris Suborn of Nanterre in 2002, when a man killed eight people at a municipal meeting. Gun control became a key issue in the presidential election that year, and there has been no repeat incident. I agree Gopnik. The government should do something to avoid having Just anyone walk into a gun store and buy a gun without worrying if they have a mental illness.

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I hink people should have stricter requirements to be able to own a gun; for example, if you are a police officer then a gun is a necessity. If you are Just a normal citizen, you should have to demonstrate that you are capable of taking on the responsibility of gun ownership. This could save so many innocents lives and avoid many of the everyday incidents that happen in this country. I agree with Gopnik because he states that the government is not doing enough to prevent this kind of massacres.

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