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Since creation, Zappos has had an initial goal of becoming the best online retailer for buying shoes that offer a wide variety of brands, styles, colors, and sizes to fit all. Over the years, Zappos has grown more into a brand that provides and sales products other than just shoes. The online company’s vision is for its online sales to account for more than 30 percent of all retail sales in the US in the future. It also wants to be the best with service and selection. But when setting particular goals there are often challenges along the way. A few challenges Zappos may face which can, in the end, derail they travel to accomplishing or gaining effort set goals are first providing high-quality customer service. Often times call centers for businesses have a hard time connecting with a customer over the phone. Their workers might not be very kind and understanding of their concerns and issues or sometimes miscommunication can happen. Another challenge Zappos may face is that in today’s community of all good people in the world majority of customers like to be able to see, feel, and try-on what they are buying. They like to see the quality before buying to decide whether or not it be worth the money. With this challenge, it can cause customers to be unsatisfied with what they are getting and cause an increase in returns which in turn can be expensive for the company. The way training and development can help with meeting and overcoming these challenges is first to start off with the type of workers they hire. Zappos already uses alike nothing else in the world and weird interview process to hire their workers. For example, the hiring team uses an odd variety of interview questions such as “how weird are you?” and “what is your favorite theme song?”. Zappos uses these questions and ways of doing things in order to find the quality that makes something stand alone or look different and ability to create interesting new things in their future workers. Zappos also has a long training process that lasts four weeks for new hires which includes employee to spend two of those weeks working the phones. Another way Zappos uses training and development to face the challenges is that they have a particular way of weeding out people who truly would not be happy working with their company.They offer a check for $2000 to leave the company during the training process. Zappos managers are also highly involved in the training and development of an employee. They spend time with them and are asked to figure out the worth, amount, or quality of their behavior to make sure they represent the ten core values and remind them of the importance of them, which is how workers at Zappos have a high level of engagement. One of the ten core values that training and development can influence the most is be emotional in a good way and serious and stubborn. It can influence the most because if you are emotional in a good way about your job you are willing to learn more, you are willing to do more and you are willing to grow and not remain content. This allows the company to get highly skilled and trained workers which can help the overall development of the company which includes an increase in sales and money made things received. The ten core that may not influence training and development the most creates and a little weirdness.

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