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Since the 1970’s, Malaysia (besides subsidence years from 1986 – 1988) has been encountering a fast development in the populace, industrialization, and mechanization. Amid the time of 1975 – 2016 the populace multiplied from 10,438,137 to 31,190,000 and the aggregate street lengths likewise proportionately expanded roughly by 6.82% from 12,043 kilometres to 82,144 kilometres 1. The quantities of enrolled vehicles demonstrated a staged example of increment where it had undergone a staggering inclination from 669,294 to 25,101,192 development rate 37 times more than in 1970. For that keeping score, that is 0.88 vehicles for every person in the country. As on June 2017, Malaysia had an aggregate vehicle populace of 28,181,203 2. Of this, 12,933,042 are cruisers.  Malaysia has been ranked as one of the top three countries in the world with the deadliest roads. In conjunction with a report appropriated by the Bloomberg on  June referred to measurements from the World Health Organization (WHO) expressing that Malaysia is among the rising nations with the most dangerous streets after Thailand and South Africa 3. As per the information, Malaysia enrolled a death rate of around 23 for each 100,000 population. In view of this measurement against the assessed population of 30 million Malaysians, around 7,000 to 8,000 individuals in the nation bite the dust on the streets consistently. The casualty rate on Malaysian streets is as yet thought to be high and it ought to be enhanced on the grounds that it is near normal rate among low-salary countries. Transport Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai uncovered in January that a sum of 7,152 individuals passed on in street mishaps in Malaysia in the year 2016 4. This was an expansion of the aggregate of 6,706 deaths that were recorded in the year 2015. The vast majority of the deaths recorded were 62.7% including motorcyclists. “An aggregate of 80.6% of the traffic disaster are caused by human mistake. Malaysian Institute Road Safety Research (MIROS) that demonstrates that the fundamental reason mishaps happened was ascribed to individuals driving carelessly or disregarding movement rules, rather than street and vehicle conditions 5.

The Ministry of transport keeping in mind the end goal to gauge the accomplishment of street security change in Malaysia has set a component diminishes Death Index as one of the Key Performance Indicator (KPI). By the year 2014, the Ministry of Transport has put an objective to cut down the Death Index to 2.88 6. Because of activities attempted by the Ministry and other government offices, including non-administrative associations and the private area, the list of death in 2014 have effectively revealed to be 2.66 where deaths remained at 6,674 individuals with gathered aggregate enrolled vehicles in 2014 added up to 25,101,192 vehicles. 

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