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Social media
and head to head taken into consideration as the 2 principal varieties of
conversation. in recent times, many people across the world are the usage of
social media which includes WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat. in keeping with
Perrin (2015), approximately sixty-five% of American
adults are the usage of social media and that is massive evidence that shows us
that social media have become in the top. a few human beings antique the
view that social media communique. As far as I am involved, I do no longer
trust that point of view. There
are three reasons that shows social media is dangerous, which are people
started being glued to the computers and cellphones, Social media is extra risky than face-to-face verbal
exchange, the percentage of getting views to the social media.







Why people
started being glued to the computers and cellphones? Because people don’t have
time to me each other and that is dangerous, and they always choose the easiest
way to communicate with each other. Farris (2015) stated that “We have
become glued to computers, phone and pills, always wanting to realize what the
humans round us are doing”. This explains that the usage of social media
in place of face-to-face communication is not virtually an awesome concept. most
of the people consider me that face to face is higher than social media as it
creates extra motivation like strolling at the same time as talking as opposed
to sitting inside the domestic behind the displays to speak with other people.

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Do you think social media is risky than face to face
communication? Social media is extra risky than face-to-face verbal
because it does now not give you the possibility to assume or to be greater
creative; it simply gives you extra information and information so
your facts might be so confined comparing to those who decide upon face-to-face
communique. folks who touch with others face to face have greater chance to
gain greater statistics due to the fact they both can alternate their
understanding between them and that is one of the blessings of face-to-face
conversation (Edward, 2011.)












then again,
consistent with social media facts (2017), approximately 282,220 views per
month file as those who view YouTube channel and Facebook. a few people agree
that social media is certainly exact and its miles a platform for sharing
thoughts, information and point of perspectives and this may boom the education
degree. It additionally gives you the opportunity the find a new task online,
to get admission to in information in actual time and lots greater.




















conclusion, I
trust that head to head is way better than social media conversation as it has
extra blessings including being extra creative in thinking in place of most
effective relying on the social media statistics. moreover, some human beings
do no longer recognize a way to use social media correctly or efficaciously
mainly the teens so this can have a terrible impact on them.

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