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reports claimed that aspartame is associated with health problems from normal
problems to serious diseases. The normal problems can be digestive symptoms,
dizziness, headache and changes in mood. The severe disease are diabetes,
Parkinson disease, Alzheimer disease, lupus, birth defects, Gulf War syndrome,
attention deficit disorders, multiple sclerosis and seizures. However, recent
studies can not prove the side effect or toxicity of this sweetener when
applied to food.

this synthetic sweetener has no consistent proof of side effects, aspartame is
still dangerous to people who suffer phenylketonuria (PKU) disease.
Phenylketonuria is a uncommon genetic disordered disease in which the body can
not hydrolyze and absorb phenylalanine which is an common amino acid existed in
several foods. Phenylalanine molecules will accumulate in the blood which leads
to interfere other necessary substances from reaching the brain. If the daily
intake of  phenylalanine is not carefully
regulated, children with PKU will grow with abnormal brain development.

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routine blood test is used to determine people have PKU or not when shortly
after birth. If the results show the positive with PKU, they need to eat a low-phenylalanine
meal for whole life. It is important for children to identify this diseases and
follow the diet because their brains are easily damaged and still developing. Because
phenylketonuria can negatively influence the growth of the fetus, this test is
also important to women who have pregnancy

aspartame formula contains phenylalanine, it is necessary for people with PKU
to avoid consuming aspartame in their meal. L-phenylalanine is one of 2 natural
amino acids that build up aspartame by peptide bond. Under acidic conditions in
stomach, aspartame may generate free amino acids by hydrolysis. Therefore, any
products, which contain this artificial sweetener in recipe, must be labeled
like “Phenylketonurics: contains phenylalanine”.

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