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Span:  is the distance between two intermediate supports for a structure Compression:the reduction in volume (causing an increase in pressure) of the fuel mixture in  an internal combustion engine before ignition. Tension:the state of being stretched tight. Buckling:bend and give way under pressure or strain. Snapping:break or cause to break suddenly and completely             Dissipate: disappear or cause to disappear.Transfer:move from one place to another.Truss:framework, supporting a bridge, or other structure.Pier:a solid support designed to sustain vertical pressure, in particular.2.The beam bridge: The simplest structural forms for bridge spans supported by an abutment or pier at each end.    The arch bridge:Arch bridges are one of the oldest types of bridges and have been around for thousands of years. Arch bridges have great natural strength.    The suspension bridge: A bridge in which the weight of the deck is supported by vertical cables suspended from larger cables that run between towers and are anchored in abutments at each end.3. Five examples of a truss bridge designs are;1.Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge      2.George Washington Bridge      3.Greentop Road Bridge      4.New River Bridge      5.Whooping creek Bridge4.Bridges have been used for 5.Two famous suspension bridges are the golden gate bridge and the brooklyn bridge.6.Torsion is the action of twisting or the state of being twisted, especially of one end of an object relative to the other.7.Resonance is the quality in a sound of being deep, full, and reverberating.8.While building and designing a bridge all weather conditions should be taken into account. Te temperature determines the type of materials that are used some tend to shrink and expand when the weather changes. Other weather conditions like wind precipitation should also be considered. 9.10.Four famous bridges that are located in canada are the capilano bridge in vancouver,The confederation bridge connecting P.E.I. and New Brunswick, the Quebec bridge in Quebec, and the Rainbow bridge in Niagara falls.

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