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The term personality development is a borad term which includes the various psychological and biological aspects af an individual. lt includes various of communication and presentation including how one speaks,thinks,walks,works and influences others. Mr. G. W. Allport say-“Personality is dynamic organisation within the individual of those psychophysical systems that determine his unique adjustments to his enviroment”. A well developed personality has become the need of an individual to survive and progress in this competitive fast changing world.

A balanced personality is a product of a sound body and a well develpoed mind. As most of elements of physical education can play a vital role in shaping the personality of a child-Games and sports promote growth and develpoment. Growth involves structural quantitive change where as development is a process of a quantative transformation which brings about progressive changes towards maturity. The activities like yoga in which all the people from any age group can participate help in improving meditative power.

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The aim of meditation is to relax he body and mind to create a focussed awareness in which the”Chatter” within your head gives way to stillness and inner peace. The activities like callisthenics are essential to achieve bodily health and grace of movement. The gymnastic exercises are resposible for development of mind,as a single excerise requires hardly ten to fifteen seconds alertness of mind is a prime importance and without full concentration of mind it is impossible to do it.

The team events like football,volleyball,hockey and basket ball promote strong collective efforts towards ommon objective that help childern to inculcate in them the noble qualities of dicipline,leadership had help them to shape their character. They also promote stamina,flexibility,speed,co-ordination of skills that create a sense of beauty and precise body control. Apart from these,sports give immense pleasure of of fulfilment and they are the wonderful sources of recreation. So people around the world enjoy swimming in summer and watching and playing differnt games like cricket,football etc.

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