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Sports have
become one of the biggest entertainments for people across the United States.
You almost can’t go anywhere without seeing sports being played on TV and as
they continue to see grow the more we will see them. As sports grow so does the
fan base and major sports teams such as the NFL, NBA, MLS, NHL, etc. have
gained some of the largest fan bases. These major sports teams are always
trying to improve fan experience so that they can give their fans the best
experience possible. Fan DNA is a way for teams to identify who and what their fans
want. Fan DNA categorizes fans based on their interest in a specific sport, and
the three things that they focus on are Trend Positive, Connectors, and Experts
(Nielsen Sports, 2018). The better teams know fan DNA the better they’re able
to market to their consumers.  

Dallas Cowboys have one of the largest fan bases in the NFL and have created a
fan experience that people enjoy. The NFL statistics show that more men then
women are interested in the sport, 65% are male and 35% are women. The age
range that watches the sport most is 55+ which is 37% and those between the
ages 35-54 is 34%. The ethnicity is mostly white which is 77% and the income is
typically around $40-$75k. (Opendorse, 2018). The Cowboys have done an excellent
job targeting these areas. The Cowboy’s fan base goes beyond these statistics,
it started in 1966 when the Cowboys had 20 consecutive winning seasons. This turned
the Dallas Cowboys program around and the fan base grew to its highest and they
became America’s team (Dallas Cowboys, 2018). 
Ever since then, the Cowboys has had a large fan base and that didn’t
change when they had bad seasons. The Cowboys were able to develop a loyal fan
base and continue to grow it.    

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Cowboys main target audience are males white, ages 35-54, with an income of
anywhere around $40-$75k. (Opendorse, 2018). The Cowboys have a terrific
opportunity to increase their revenue by designing a marketing plan that will
draw more of there target audience in. They could do this by adding bonus
tickets if individuals go to a specific amount of games or buy so many tickets.
Another option could be adding a beauty salon for women, and final they could
add a daycare for young children. I think that all of these can apply to the
target audience. These three ideas have the potential to give back to the team
because it’s offering more than just the game itself. By adding bonus tickets,
it gives the buyer an incentive to buy future tickets and possibly even more at
one time. I think adding a beauty salon is probably the best possible idea to
make a profit. I say, this because not all women want to go and watch football
which can make it hard for their spouse who does. If the stadium had a salon it
gives both the women and the men a reason to go, while the husband is watching
the game, the wife could be getting a makeover. This opportunity gives both
individuals the best of both worlds. Adding a daycare in there makes it even
better if you have young kids because while Dad is watching the game and Mom is
as the beauty salon, the kids can be having fun at the daycare. This will apply
to the target audience because typically males at that age have families. By
adding all three it gives families a chance to enjoy a day at the Dallas
Cowboys stadium.

tickets, a beauty salon, and a daycare all have the potential to increase
tickets sales, merchandise, as well as meet the needs of the Fans DNA if
marketed right. This also gives the Cowboys an advantage in the market because
other teams don’t offer all three but merely some offer beauty salons. It is a
big advantage by offering something for everyone to do, especially when it
comes to families.  Being able to do
something that involves all individuals in family will attract more people
which could take away from other venues that don’t offer something similar. If
you want the best football experience do it where everyone in the family can have
fun and that’s at the Dallas Cowboys.




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