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St.John is one of the best Canadian City to live in and there are four factors to explain why Saint John is one of the best to live in.Firstly, the environment is pretty nice compare to other Canadian cities, especially the climate, the city has an average temperature of warm which is pretty high among all the cities, but in the winter, the temperature is pretty cold since it was located near to the Bay of Fundy and the Atlantic Ocean. The City is also wet and rainy. The ocean current is the labrador current, it was  dry and cold, which cause the city being rainy. The air mass is Maritime Polar, it was warm and moist. Saint John is in the landform region of Appalachian Mountain, which has the oldest highlands in North America.Nextly, the city is rich in resources. The first industry is forestry, St. John was surrounded by forest which that can developed into good business, and the industry make make pulp, paper, lumber, plywood, chipboard, fuel and christmas trees. The next industry is the aquaculture, since their city is near to bodies of water, they can fish quality sea creature from the Atlantic Ocean, they mostly fish shellfish, seldom fishes. The reason why they fish a lot of shellfish is because the depth of Thunder Bay.The last industry is fossil fuels, they mainly transport natural gas while refine soi into other substances. The company Canaport LNG supplies LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas), it transport natural gas through a pipe from Canada to America. In Saint John, they form an oil company called Irving Oil Company, which was the largest oil refinery, it was founded in 1924 and the company refine oil into substance like, gasoline, natural gas, etc. It even transport gas throughout Canada and some places in the US.Later, they have a low population. It may sound bad, but fewer people means a lot of advantages to people who live there, which less competitions for jobs, better environment and more. But the population pyramid shows that the population of Saint John is decreasing, also the birth rate. In 2016, they record a population of 67575 and natural increase is -3.6 percent. The population is decreasing because some of the citizens prefer other cities of their environment reasons, or they dislike the warm weather of Saint John. Lastly, the liveable communities. Saint John is one of the big cities in Canada, so is probably liveable. Saint John has a good health care, as the city have a advanced hospital and a health care system, provincial medical health care, it cover the cost of physician costs. The city has good transportation system, Saint John has a transit system, it had 2.1M passenger per year. Saint John has attract people to live in the city with attractions, including the reverse falls, and the beautiful waterfront of Saint John. This city have a lower average housing price than Toronto, the city has an average price of $173,987 CAD. For conclusion, I think Saint John is the best Canadian City to live in, with good environment, resources, a normal population and a decent community.

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