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Of Purpose

As a child I was always intrigued by machines. From
automobiles to refrigerators, I wanted to learn basic mechanism of each and
every machine. My college expedition played a fundamental role in broadening my
horizon of knowledge regarding the basic concept of working of machinery. Moreover, the industrial
training period played a vital role in provoking me to pursue masters in
mechanical department.

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My inclination towards science began more than a decade ago,
when I, with the help of my father used to fix my broken toys and some electronic gadgets. My
father being an engineer, has
a great knowledge about the working principals of different machines and
inspired me to pursue my interest in this discipline. Furthermore, this
interest was enhanced when my parents got me a mechanics set on my 13th
birthday. During my school days, I maintained an excellent academic record with
excessive involvement in sports and science exhibitions, projects and
automobile magazines (especially overdrive and top gear). My scores in education
(9.4/10 C.G.P.A in 10th and 90% in 12th) acted as the pillars
of support for steering the path of my life in the field of engineering. Now, I have become passionate
about mechanical engineering and I my aim is to procure a master degree in it
so as to make a meaningful contribution in this field.

pursue this aim, I opted non-medical as my stream in my high school. With shear
hard work and dedication, I stood amongst the top 2% of the students who appeared
for the JEE (Joint Engineering Entrance Examination), that was a total of 1.4
million students, which accorded my admission in Production and Industrial Engineering at
Punjab Engineering college (deemed to be university), Chandigarh. This is one
of the prestigious government funded technical college.

I became more inclined towards how different products are
manufacture, the design of various machine elements and automation and optimization
of various production techniques. My branch Production and Industrial Engineering,
which is a sub branch of mechanical department, mainly focuses towards the
aforementioned parameters. I indulged in many projects emphasizing on putting
the theoretical learning to practice while exploring complex engineering

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