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Statement of Purpose / Motivation Letter Dear Sir/Madam, I came from Indonesia, a developing country in Southeast Asia where its total population reaches over 235 million by 2010. Indonesia, however still stumble in the >100th rank in terms of GDP, despite its richness in natural resources. Realizing this, Indonesian government and civilians start to built their beloved country, and one of our endeavour is to modernize our technolgies.

Because we (Indonesian) believe that modernize our technologies will increase our industrial eciency (and in the same time also creating a lot of new Job), and in the end it will elp Indonesia to break the “third world country” title, and become one of the prosperous countries in the world. In order to assist my country, I have decided to take my bachelor degree into the next level, and set a Master degree in the eld of Electrical and Computer Engineering with focus on Information and Communication Systems as my next target.

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Because I am sure that obtaining a master degree in this eld of study will help me to gain a solid competence in this eld of study. And after the completion of my master degree, I really want to continue my study for the octoral degree in the same eld of study (and also a couple years of research after the completion of my doctoral studies), before I nally go back to my homeland and contribute to my country. It is unarguably true that as long as we have the integrity to do something, we will always produce a good result in the end. But we can’t neglect the fact, that the better the environment, the better result we can get.

In relevance with that, I have decided to undertake my graduate studies in a place that not only have solid curriculum to ful I my academic needs, but also have a great environment nd reputation in the eld of engineering. I am really interested with the master programm that being oered by Chemnitz University of Technology (Information and Communication Systems). Because this master programm have a solid curriculum that will provides me with the strong skill in the Information and Communication Systems Field of study. And not only that, this programm also allow me to do a Research Project in the third semester.

I believe this course will be very useful to me, because with this course, I can implement and practice the things that I get from y master courses (1st, 2nd, and also 3rd semester) in a project’s environment. In term of research, I really like the topics of next generation internet / mobile network / network security. Because I can see clearly that this eld of study changes the shape of our society. The world today became at, and we can see the distance between two location is getting smaller and smaller (thanks to the researches and studies in this eld).

That is why I think that studying this eld of study is very interesting, because I can see the impact from my work directly . I can endure hours T working In tnls ela 0T study, Decause I personally tnlnK tnat learnlng ana aolng something about this eld of study is not like working at all. Working in this eld of study is fun (and also very rewarding at the same time). This interest of mine however, does not restrict me to do researches in another information and communication systems eld of study, because I am deeply in love with this eld of study, and I personally think that anything about this eld is fun.

And in term of engineering environment, I believe that Chemnitz University of Technology can provides what I need the most: a condusive environment to do my raduate studies and researches. Chemnitz University of Technology is well known as one of the best universities in Germany in term of excellent professor-to-student- ratio (not to mention that Germany is a country that have a great reputation in the eld of sciences and engineering). Furthermore, it also has a strong a liation with series of the biggest research institute in Germany and around the world.

That is why I believe that doing my graduate studies in Chemnitz University of Technology will be a huge bene t for me, because it has all of the factor that I am searching for: solid urriculum, solid tradition in engineering, and great environment to do my master and doctorate studies. I personally think that I will be a suitable candidate for Chemnitz University of Technology’s Master Program of Information and Communication Systems (with a focus on ‘next generation internet / mobile network / network security’), because I have a solid knowledge in electrical and computer engineering.

I graduated from the best Technological Institute in my homeland (Institut Teknologi Bandung), and have demonstrated my solid skills and capabilities in Computer and Electrical Engineering uring my bachelor’s study with GPA of X. Y (scale of 0-4, with 4 as the highest). I also get an A for my undergraduate’s nal project (Design and Implementation of ‘SMS One Time Password’-Based Web Authentication System).

Not to mention that I have a very good mark for the courses that related to the Information and Communication Systems eld of study (A for Security of Information, B for Computer Networks, etc). During my bachelor studies, I was involved in many student organizations activities. I have lead the divisions of national-scales student activities for several times. One of hem was became the leader of Innovative Entrepreneurship Challenge 3’s Logistic Division, a national scale bachelor level entrepreneurship competition.

And these experiences make me able to blend and work in team easily. I will be grateful if I can be accepted to enroll in Chemnitz University of Technology’s Master Program of Information and Communication Systems. Because it will give me a lot of bene t, with doing state of the art researches and theses in Information and communication systems ela 0T study. Ana It will also allow me to llve up my cream In the world of engineering. yours faithfully,

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