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Stellar, the most promising and new entrant in the top 10 of
Cryptocurrencies released its roadmap for the present year of 2018. This
achievement has been possible due to the continuous support by Stripee which has even dropped bitcoin out of
their support. Stellar was developed by Jed McCaleb who was earlier credited
with the development of Ripple and its security is handled by none other than
Jeremy Rubin, the developer of Bitcoin Core. So, Stellar is pretty strong in
its management and team.

Stellar’s roadmap can be broadly divided into two effects:-

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Development of SDEX- Stellar Decentralised

The SDEX exchange is touted as the
worldwide forefront which enables blockchain, protocol-level trades for stellar
coins and provides liquidities to
maximize choices and decreasing spreads. It would enable a user to create a
unique token and also can fetch any possible value. Its user-friendly approach is
revolutionary that can change the virtual currency market. The other unique
features are low trading fees, atomic pathfinding for cheapest trades, and
promise of day one sale for tokens and also to ensure end-control of user keys.
The exchange will also try to increase anchors and market-makers to position it
fairly in the ever increasing competition of cryptocurrency market. The number
of nodes will be reduced which in turn will boost how the nodes exchange data, for
betterment of the network,

Lightning network in Stellar:-

Stellar is envisioned to be placed even before
the Bitcoin, the legendary cryptocurrency in the market. Mixing technology and ideas, Stellar will integrate the security to
Lightning inching towards the much-needed
scalability and fool-proof security. Their top priority is to make their
network more secure and resilient by reducing the attacks on the protocol
surface, thus, eliminating bugs.


Stellar has also been stressing about better ecosystem support
which includes better overall brand communication, promoting Stellar to raise
the sales, better technical documentation and the development of Horizon API
and surrounded APKs.

Stellar has been a prominent partner of IBM and
Tempo, highlighting the potential the platform stands to enrich.

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