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Geog 100 NOV 7th , 2013 Strategies to living in a warmer world The Earth’s climate is never in a state of homeostasis (1), there has always been and there will always be climate change in the world, so to think about climate change as something out of the ordinary is simply not correct.

We know the climate changes and have dealt with it before (2) but the challenge becomes more apparent as our communication as well as population grow exponentially. Today there is another difference, as now we are more than mere spectators of the mighty nature, we have ecome a powerful source of change thru the modification of our living environments and our ever increasing use of technology.

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As the climate changes, the way we see the world needs to change with it, we need to confront this event as a species and look at it as a challenge and not as an apocalyptic event, there are many ways that could help us to live in a warmer world and even learn to use a warmer world to our advantage as a species, we could start by ending deforestation, preserving and propagating Mangroves and start the plantation of Redwood trees using Terra Preta(3) as a way to increase the lands fertility.

Deforestation is one of the biggest ways in which we are depleting the earth of the lungs that uses to purify the atmosphere and clean the environment of carbon dioxide which is a greenhouse gas that contributes to a rising global temperature. (4) The rainforest act as natural cleaners of the environment and help the atmosphere and ourselves by transforming carbon dioxide into Oxygen with the help of the Sun.

Nowadays about twenty percent of the greenhouse gases are the effect of tropical rainforest deforestation alone. The way that deforestation impacts our world also affects the water cycle of earth as trees rom rainforest whom used to extract groundwater from the earth and release it into the atmosphere are cut down and now unable to do so. Deforestation makes soils become eroded and thru rain the earths starts to lose its minerals and fertility and would ultimately become sterile and transform into a desert.

Trees are great sequestrator of carbon dioxide thru photosynthesis (5)and deforestation not only makes this purifiers of earth go away but it converts them into carbon dioxide producers as they are burned down in order to make room to cultivate and produce cash crops such as palm trees and soy crops. Deforestation also decreases the biodiversity of the world as the rainforest are the environments with the greatest amount of biodiversity in the planet and many species cannot survive outside of the rainforest environment and consequently die because of deforestations.

And deforestation has many other different side effects that damage our environment and that do not contribute to a better world. So we should start our challenge of a cleaner world by ending deforestation one step at a time. Corporations can be blame for many of the world’s depleted forested areas but they can also help the world end his catastrophic event by introducing policies to their suppliers that would not aloud any deforestation in the way they obtain their resources.

We as consumers can exercise our power to only choose to consume products that do not contribute in any way to tne aeTorestatlon 0T our envlronment. Mangroves are anotner landscape tnat has been almost eliminated by human populations, as they are mostly located along the coastal regions and have been clear for the use of farming or the use towards residential properties because of their prime location.

They are located along saline oast and are compilations of trees that are capable of feeding on saline water, they are a very important biome as they are able to clean as much as five times the carbon dioxide from the environment as rainforest do per squared hectare. (6) They are greatly diverse biomes that help to dissipate the energy from hurricanes that hit the coastal regions, as well as deterrents of erosion by the sea towards the coastal regions. They are located in many of the coastal regions of the world, but mainly along the regions close to the equator.

Many Mangroves can survive in the most undane circumstances such as low oxygen and a saline water supply, and provide clean water and oxygen as they purify water and put it into the atmosphere and as they transform carbon dioxide into oxygen. Another way in which we could help alleviate the effects of a warming planet is thru the plantation of Redwood trees, although these trees are on the brink of extinction, these trees are fast growing and they absorb great quantities of carbon dioxide which makes them really good at fghting global warming thru the elimination of greenhouse gases.

There are studies nderway about the possibility of cloning old redwood trees in an attempt to replicate their great properties and planting them to achieve a greater possibility of fast growing trees. (7) Today there are even a couple of non profit organizations that are dedicated to the planification and reforestation of Redwood and other ancient trees such as the Archangel Ancient tree foundation which is dedicated to combat global warming by the study and reforestation of trees. 8) This organization is specializing on the cloning of ancient redwood trees, this is because this clones are rom trees that are thousands of years old and have proven to be resistant to many of the pathogens that new redwood trees have fallen prey of, this ancient redwood trees could be cloned and replanted elsewhere where they would grow quickly and would help to clean the air by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere contributing toa better environment.

Terra preta which means dark soil is a combination of soil with high concentrations of charcoal, bone , manure and other organic compounds that make for a very good and highly fertile soil. Terra preta has een used by ancient tribal populations from the tropical rainforest as well as other native populations around central and south america for the increase of the productivity of their native soils.

The amazing thing about terra preta is their huge fertile qualities which make them very good as a fertilizer for plants. They are proven records of the many benefits of Terra preta as they are proven records of the use of terra preta in ancient native civilizations from the amazonian forest dating back to more than two thousand years ago. If we start to create terra preta for the eforestation of trees in many parts of the world it would help us to reach our goal of lowering carbon dioxide levels at a faster rate.

Implementing the use of Terra preta , putting a stop to deforestation as well as helping to propagate and preserve Mangroves and the reforestation of Redwoods are Just a few of the ways in which we could start to prepare for a smoother transition into a warmer world. And even though it is for the best of us to do this it could be that we might not implement tnese solutlons ana we contlnue our patns wltnout oolng anytnlng aoout It Decause ome people could feel that it could be the same if we act than if we do not do anything about it.

If we were to decide to not do anything about the eminent acceleration of climate change due in part to the increase of carbon dioxide in our environment from the burning of fossil fuels and deforestations we would start to see catastrophic consequences, an example of this could be taken from the Ancient Mayan empire which were a civilization located in south america modern day Mexico in a Tropical Rainforest environment , but with their continuous use of deforestation or the production of crops such as corn, their soils started to become depleted and their land became eroded, with time their civilization struggle with hunger and their eminent collapse approach as their food supply vanish. (9) The Mayan Civilization could serve as an example of what we should not let happen to our modern society.

The Mayan Civilization really didn’t know the consequences of deforestation and the way it could bring erosion to their farm lands, but we do, and is now within our power to use our resources and technology to start taking care of our planet as the lanet takes care of us. Works Cited 1 http://commons. wikimedia. org/wiki/File:Five_Myr_Climate_Change. png 2. – http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Little_Ice_Age 3. – http://en. wikipedia. org/wikifferra_preta 4. – http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Deforestation 5. – http://forestry. about. com/od/forestandtreeuses/ss/trees_value_4. htm 6. – http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Mangrove 7. – http://www. theinternational. org/articles/346-redwood-forests-can-reforestation- effort 8. – http://www. ancienttreearchive. org/ 9. – http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Classic_Maya_collapse

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