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Hortons is ranked 1st  on the “Canadian
Business Top 40 Brands” list, and was included as one of the 100 brands  found to be “Most Loved” globally.
Hortons opened over 250 locations in the past 5 years, installed more
drive-thrus in Canadian locations, and improved the design of more than 300
restaurants in Canada and the U.S. by giving them “a more modern design”
company’s plans from 2013-2018 includes opening an estimate of 215 to 255
restaurants openings across Canada and the U.S. They plan to open roughly 140
to 160 locations in Canada and roughly 40 to 60 full-serve restaurants in the
4.Tim Hortons holds majority
preference of the Canadian market for baked goods and has a tight grip on the
Canadian coffee market

1.Tim Hortons was
forced to close many stores in the northeastern region of the US due to high
competition with stronger rooted brands causing loss of revenue.
2.Tim Hortons has failed to become recognized worldwide as a very
successful franchise, while they did great in canada they struggle to expand
3. People want to know
what’s the food they eat, and the parent company of Tim Hortons has decided
to not release any nutritional information hurting business. Tim Horton’s was
also exposed on the fact they don’t sell organic coffee, and won’t release
the origin of the coffee beans
4. They have failed to see
changing trends of the market that they are in resulting in upcoming brands
to steal valuable customers

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Hortons is constantly looking for  new
ways to be competitive some ideas can be. Ex: new coffee blends, paying with
mobile device, express lines for improved service and making “K-cup” options
for at home coffee making.
 2. All-day breakfast has become a growing trend in fast food chains and
with many 24-hour locations, Tim Hortons could benefit from a steady traffic
of people seeking breakfast later in the day.
3. Tim Hortons is best known
for its coffee and donuts, but majority of their lunch options are healthier
than those of competing fast-food establishments. More marketing on healthy
alternatives and  improvement in the
nutritional value of its soups and baked goods could vastly improve business
4. Creating a delivery service
could drive sales even higher than they are due the increase of technological

McDonald’s is remodeling
many of its Canadian outlets gaining more attention from
Canadian consumers. Starbucks has been gaining large ground, using products
that are only available in Canada (True North) (Maple Macchiato) to make
customers feel more exclusive.
2.  With Tim Hortons trying
to stick to their branding of always being fresh this causes them to have
higher costs of raw materials (spending millions more to ensure fresh)
because they choose to purchase and sell higher quality food than average
fast food franchises
3. Tim Hortons and millions of customers have reported
that food costs are rising faster than standard inflation. Tim Hortons has no
way around this other than to rise prices as most of their products will
spoil but other fast foods often resort to freezing.
4. Labour costs have risen causing them to pay much more
for minimum wage work

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