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Holistic health is a wellness method it can mean a different
approach to health for many people, body, mind and spirit and soul. Health of
the entire being emphases on treating the underlying causes rather than giving
treatment which would be bio medical model. “Over the last several decades,
hundreds of studies have proven the effectiveness of the various parts of
holistic treatment”(holistic
health,2017).Health may be holistic; however the effect that certain
factors have on health can still be much larger than other factors and
therefore be safely neglected.  Holistic
means giving and attention and a lot of care to the whole meaning the whole
person. The term holistic is taken from the Greek word holos, meaning
whole.  For example, Doctors and nurses
use holism when preparation and preparing to care. Individuals and there
personalities often have negative choices whereby holistic health is affected.
These are things such as unbalanced diet, extreme alcohol intake and smoking. The
holistic view is broadly accepted in medicine. Holistic is a complex connection
and interaction between experiences, perceptions and circumstances and peoples
beliefs and what they accept. There are many holistic treatments and approaches
I have chosen to write about this subject as it has been a treatment that has
always been of interest to me and looking into this subject will give me the
chance to find out more and actually understand reflexology. There are several
hypotheses that explain how reflexology actually works.

What is

Reflexology is a process which treats and heals the body,
reflexology reduces stress and induces deep relaxation also can be seen to
cleanse the body of toxins and impurities. Reflexology is the study and
practice of treating reflex points most commonly in the feet and hands which is
called zone therapy it relates to corresponding parts of the body. “The feet
can be thought of as mirroring the body and so the organs and glands etc. can be
mapped on the feet” (Nelson,
holistic health, p167).The left foot would mirror the left side of the
body and right foot the right side of the body. Reflexology is a holistic
healing technique, which means the individuals mind body and soul this method does
normally work on aspects of the body. Using precise hand and finger techniques,
a reflexologist can increase blood flow hole energy of the body, induce
relaxation and enable homeostasis. Also charts and diagrams can pin point out
areas on the feet that relate to different organs. Reflexology aims to treat
the cause of the problem and ease the body as a whole. There are ten zones
through which energy passes through the feet here are some zones and which body
organ it connects to.

Zone 1-runs through the centre of the body

Zone 2-rund threw the eyes, the body and the first finger
and second toe.

Zone 3-runsthroughthe eye the second finger and third toe.

Zone 4-runs down through the ear and on the third finger and
fourth toe

Zone 5 runs from the ear to the little finger and fifth

Reflexology isn’t just a treatment done in the feet and
hands even though it’s mainly used this way also cross flexes and areas such as
the shoulder hip elbow and knee and even the wrists, this is known as cross
reflexes or referral areas. The hole process is very healing and can have very
significant results in a patient feeling relaxed and happy with their treatment
one theory is known as meridian theory this is a Chinese theory they believes
that energy flows around the body through channels known as meridian which
flows round the body and putting the body on a complete relaxation this is done
so by putting pressure on the feet which helps clear channels through the foot
and then onwards around the body. Reflexology can be seen as a manipulative and
body based method and way in a positive approach in holistic health.  As reflexology has a holistic healing technique,
the persons mind, body and soul are taken into account when giving treatment to
enable how they will react to this treatment.

Furthermore this type of therapy is seen as safe from
practitioner anyone in the medical field but with any treatment (Therapy) it
can carry a few contra-indications e.g. if a person who is diabetic different
teqniqu when it comes to compression on the body it will be performed light and
soft instead of hard and firm. Also Cancer patients may find it beneficial to
have a reflexology performed it is helpful for pain control for a cancer
patient, and can improve the and extend in some cases life for the patient.
Dealing with a patient who has cancer of the lymph and glands system should be
avoided as reflexology could cause the infection to spread everywhere across the
body. Reflexology will not worsen an ailment and will regularly improve the
condition. However, reflexology should never be seen as a cure to a problem and
shouldn’t overall a medical treatment which would bio medical always take
second opinion id this treatment isn’t working then seek medical help. Going
back to patients with cancer research has shown that the effects were
significant when undergoing cemotheory, “Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), about
one-third of American cancer patients have used complementary and alternative
medicine (CAM)” (Wyatt.G,Sikorskii.A,2013,pg31)
by doing this research team hypothesized an improved CAM use due to exposure to
the reflexology trial which they seen a vast improvement in the ladies that
went under go reflexology to ladies that didn’t. “While conventional medicine
provides standard symptom care, more than 80% of women with breast cancer turn
to complementary and alternative medicine” (CAM)”(Wyatt.G,Sikorskii.A,2013,pg31).

The History of

“Whilst the art of reflexology dates back to Ancient Egypt,
India and China, this therapy was not introduced to the West until Dr
William Fitzgerald developed ‘Zone therapy”. (Whatisreflexology,
2016) He believed that reflex zones and area of the feet and hands
were linked to other areas and organs of the body inside the same zone. Also the
therapy is believed to be practised by the Chinese as long ago as 4000BC which
has been researched in Assyria, India and Egypt. It has progressed and changes over
the centuries into a number of forms such as-

Traditional reflexology

Reflex zone therapy

Reflex therapy


These are different types of reflexology that is available
today there has been many Trials that show that reflexology is very much needed
and has shown great results such as these listed below were this shows its
evidence base and success rate to be good.

(Launso et al, 1999);

Anxiety (McVicar et al, 2007);

Premenstrual syndrome (Oleson and Flocco, 1993);

Lower back pain (Quinn, 2008);(Mantle, F, 2008).

Health and
wellbeing to reflexology

Reflexology has many positives on your health and wellbeing
it can lower levels of stress and improve a person’s relaxation, it can help
improve circulation, by promoting blood flow all around the body it can create
physiological, chemical and responsive changes throughout the body. During and
afterwards a reflexology treatment, the body can begin to release and clear
blockages that could be affection the balance and energy flows around the body
and help to re-balance itself also can have an impact on one’s mental and
physical mental energy, Reflexology is suitable for all ages, and can bring
about a sense of well-being for people who are either suffering from a medical
or health condition, or for people who are looking to prevent illness and
maintain their well-being. Helping to cope with the pain of fibromyalgia,
helping the quality of sleep in women after giving birth and in many other
health issues. It has also been accepted as a therapy that carries other
benefits such as a growth in vital energy, body awareness and issues with how
you look, relaxation and general well-being to a person (E. Brendstrup, S.
Arnberg, 1999, pg52-58). Reflexology has been proven to be effective, however
everybody is individual, therefore what might be deemed as effective results
for one person, may not be the case for another. Reflexology benefits the
receiver on several levels, including physically, mentally and spiritually. Reflexology
aids the body. When the reflex areas are stimulated, the whole body becomes
relaxed and this has a large impact on how the body feels. Through Reflexology,
a person may gain an increased awareness of various body sensations. For
example, they may notice how tight their body feels in a stressful situation
versus how loose it feels at rest. It also benefits the mind, when at rest, the
mind can relax. Drugs or any type of surgery. Reflexology can also be seen an
alternative therapy, both Complementary and alternative (CAM). CAM can be seen
as more of a holistic and natural approach, reflexology has many benefits and
is always used in a diagnosis process its safe and also a natural treatment
which is another reason it’s popular to use today. “Stress contributes up to
80% for the development of any illness. Other 20% of stress will influence
other conditions” (B.kuz,
2009, 160) and reflexology is mainly used to destress stress and relax
mind body and soul. There is a high demand for reflexology and becoming more
and more popular to practice. Despite the recent vast use of reflexology,
minimal attention has been given to the ethical issues connected to the study and
exploring of reflexology. In the view of public health and safety, it can argue
that the study and research going into reflexology should be the same standards
as ethical requirements for all clinical research.

Practice in the UK

To practice reflexology you have to retain and undertake a
course, This institute offers level 3 diploma of reflexology course high level
of standards, reflexology outline, bridging course, anatomy and physiology,
limbic reflexology, neuroflexology, and vertical reflex therapy have to meet
guide lines and follow correct practice by the IIr uk(institute of reflexology,2014).



To conclude, there is no concrete evidence that reflexology
actually works. Also, there are no reliable scientific studies that prove this.
Some people may think that reflexology is a type of miracle or even magic,
whereas others may see it as just a foot massage used for relaxation.
Reflexologists describe this therapy as the practice on working on specific
reflexes relating to corresponding body organs. 

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