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Element 2405: Outcome 5. Undrestand the purpose of school policies and procedures. 5. 1 Explain why schools have policies and procedures. Schools have clear policies and procedures to ensure that staff, parents, govenors and others who run the school work together from a comprehensive set of guidelines. There is likely to be a large number of policies and they should be easily accessable to people so they can refer to them easily. Each school will have a slightly different list or varying titles, each will need to outline its purpose and aims, and the responsibilities of staff. . 2 Summarise the policies and procedures schools may have relating to: a) Staff Policies: ·Pay Policies. ·Performance Management Policy. ·Grievance Policy. b) Pupil Welfare Policies: ·Safeguarding Policy. ·Health and Safety Policy. ·Drugs Awareness Policy. ·Behaviour Management Policy. ·Personal,Social, Health and Economic Education Policy. ·Anti-bullying Policy. c) Teaching and Learning Policies: ·Curriculum Policies (a policy for each subject). ·Early Years Policy. ·Teaching and Learning Policy. ·Planning and Assessment Policy. ·Marking Policy. ) Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policies: ·Equal Opportunities Policy. ·Race Equality and Cultural Diversity Policy. ·Special Educational Needs (or inclusion) Policy. ·Gifted and Talented Policy. ·Disability and Access Policy. e) Parental Engagement Policies: ·Homework Policy. ·Attendance Policy. ·Home-school Agreement. 5. 3 Evaluate how school policies and procedures may be developed and communicated. Schools need to ensure that policies are in place and regulary revised and updated. Each policy will be dated and have a date for its revision.

There are model policies available on the internet which are provided by the local education authority. The model policies are there to assist schools in drawing policies up as this can be a very time consuming process. The school’s Senior Management Team may draft a policy that then will be checked during a staff meeting. The policy then before the governing body for it to be agreed or ratified before it can take effect. Staff memebers are not required to know every school policy but they should read and know their responsibilites, in particular regarding these policies: ·Safeguarding Policy. Health and Safety Policy. ·Behaviour Management Policy. Final responsibility for health and safety within the school lies with the Head Teacher. Every member of staff has a duty to report any unsafe conditions to the Head Teacher. Before reporting the danger the staff member should try to eliminate the danger themselves, without causing undue risk to themselves. All staff have the responsibility of co-operating with the Head Teacher to achieve a healthy and safe workplace, and to take reasonable care of themselves, pupils and others.

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Health and Safety issues should be reviewed at every staff meeting. The Head Teacher is responsible for the constant review of safety training needs of staff. As soon as a new staff member arrives they should have an induction and be made aware of emergency procedures and fixtures relevant to their work place. The new staff member should be given all necessary documents and are aware of Health and Safety procedures. All staff should know the contents of any policies in which they work on a regular basis. Following school policies ensures professionalism at all times.

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