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My aim during this reflection paper, is to analyse
and describe the events in which happened during the task. During this reflection,
I am going to use Gibbs reflection model because I feel this is the clearest
one and it allows more description of the event helping the reader to get more
of a sense of the event, and see what improvements they are going to make in
order to better the team’s future results.

Description of what happened and feelings

this task, in a group of 4, we created a presentation on referencing. My team
all have skills that complemented each other.  A good definition of a team is “a small number of
people with complementary skills who are committed to a common purpose,
performance goals, and approach for which they hold themselves mutually
accountable.” (Katzenbach
and Smith, 1992, p.45). For
this assignment, I focused on Turnitin and talked about what it is and how to
use it. I also helped with creating the twitter account and posting things
about Turnitin to help people learn more about turnitin and referencing. I
chose to do this part of the task as I had the most knowledge of it having had
previous experience of the both, this allowed me to feel confident when starting
the task. It was also the topic I was most interested in. “Being interested in
the topic gives you more motivation to get it done and perform better” (Figliuolo, 2014).

Evaluation and analysis

An aspect of this task that went well was our communication
skills. We made sure to communicate during our seminars and outside of
seminars in group meetings. We met up to meet our deadline and we also had a
group chat on Facebook to keep each other up to date. “We all communicated
openly with each other, sharing thoughts, opinions, and ideas. This is
important, as Poor communication can lead to crossed wires that can mean work
is left incomplete/incorrect or conflicts can arise. Communication is key
to keeping track of progress and working together efficiently on tasks to
achieve successful results.”
(Top 7 Qualities of a successful team, 2015)

Another aspect that allowed
our team to work well together is that we all
had the same set goals which allowed clear direction for the team.  The
goals that were set were all SMART goals. “Smart goals are goals that
are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound”. (Whitaker, 2015). One of our team goals was to meet deadlines, If our team
were unable to do this it may have meant that work was substandard.

Another component of this task, that went well,
was distributing work out equally so that no one had more work to do
than others. This allowed the team to work better and get it done on time and
to a good standard. When delegating tasks out to the team, the team need to
think about who is best to do that job and who has the experience and
resources. If the work was not distributed equally this may have caused
conflict and stress. This may lead to the work being inadequate. HERE

The aspect of this task that went well was listening.
“We came up with ideas and listened to each other and voiced any concerns in
order to be an effective team. Listening and acknowledging each other shows
respect to your team members and this allows the team to be more open when
communicating with each other”(Doyle, 2017).  My team were
also good at giving feedback, being supportive and hearing concerns. This was
all done over a Facebook chat when we were working individually and needed
advice on our part of the task. Creating the SMART goals allowed us to do this
because we all knew what the team goals were.


One aspect we could’ve improved on was picking
a team leader. There was no real team leader in our group, as we all worked
together. “Having a team leader might have given our team more direction,
guidance, morale, and values.” (Joseph, 2017″). The lack of direction  lead to a stressful environment which gave us
a slim chance of success. To avoid this in the future our team need to decide
on a team leader. However, this may be difficult as some people in the group may
not have to qualities to be a team leader.

Another aspect that we could have improved on was attendance.
Although we made each other aware if we could make it or not, it was still hard
to get a good result when team members are not attending. Not attending can
lead to conflict within the team because someone is going to have to do extra
work to meet the deadline. This can lead to an uncomfortable working
environment and can slow the team down which will not create much success for
the team and can lead to a tense atmosphere. To improve on this, we need to make sure that we all
turn up and on time and made sure to check everyone’s availability. We could
set alarms and make it a routine and create doodle polls to allocate a time
slot to suit everyone.

Another aspect we could have improved on is answering
the questions from the audience. The questions being asked after the
presentation were not replied to with great detail due to being nervous.
Therefore, in the future, I will need to think of questions that may be asked
before the presentation and prepare detailed answers with them.


During the task, I was a resource investigator, one of their weaknesses is losing interest once the
initial enthusiasm has passed therefore I need to make sure that I am always
positive and keep engaged with the task to do this I may need to read through
the brief to refresh myself and make sure to stay on task. 



Overall, The thing I could
have done differently is been more outspoken. In my group, there were very
confident people. This made it hardly to be more outspoken. During this task, I
have learnt that I need to express my opinions more often. I also learnt that I
am a good team player and have good communication skills. My knowledge of
referencing has expanded however, I may need to practice incorporating them
into my work.

Action plan

this task, I have learned that communication is key to a successful team. The
team worked well together and no conflict arose. However, next time as a team
we need to work on attendance and make sure that we have everyone attending all
meetings and seminars to make sure no one is doing more work than others and to
make sure our task is of a good standard.






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