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Terrorist attacks make a big impact on the world’s economy. The Global Terrorism Index shows that the impact fell by 7% in 2016, the second year in a row that it declined. Even with the decline costs still reached $84 billion last year. With the attacks on 911 the economic impact from terrorism varied a lot before reaching the $41 billion in 2007. With the rise of ISIS there was a lot more losses since 2012 and they have peaked at $104 billion in 2014. Countries in conflict zones have the worst economic issues due to terrorism. Most of them are in the Middle East but also in North Africa and South Asia. Last year Iraq had the highest economic problems due to terrorism. Afghanistan was also affected by terrorism with losses coming to 13% of GDP while Sudan had the third highest impact at 9%.       Another major terrorist attack in the United States is unlikely but if it were to happen it would affect the US economy massively and the global economy in different ways,depending on the size of the attack and damage. If the attack were a worst case scenario, consumer spending would be affected greatly. Consumer spending accounts for 70% of the US economy. Sectors that would be hit the worst include airlines, restaurants, entertainment, cruise lines and so on. Defense stocks would increase a lot, while security business prices skyrocket. Terrorism makes politics more complicated and difficult. Terrorism can cause very bad problems even though terrorists like Isis are not really linked to a political state.  The existence of non state actors that can have a real impact on the world makes politics more difficult. For Example Al-Qaeda.  Its 911 attacks severely hurt the US without giving the US a clear enemy to revenge. When the pearl harbour bombing happened in 1941 it was obvious that Japan was the enemy.  After 911 it was much less clear.  The US ended up attacking Afghanistan and then Iraq but not Saudi Arabia, the country of the majority of the 911 attackers.  The governments of those countries did not participate in any of the attacks, making it very complicated and difficult to know how to respond to the attacks. Terrorism makes things difficult also by making the argument that the US is at war against all Muslims.  If one country had attacked the US, the US would know what country to attack and retaliate. But now the US is trying to retaliate against an entire race that exists to some in many countries then the ones the US attacked.  So terrorism makes world politics more complicated.  It allows non state actors to affect the world, leaving countries confused on how to respond to the attacks.  Terrorist attacks are built to inflict fear in the people’s minds and disturb the public. The 911 terrorist attacks on the US had the population of north america in fear. After the attacks anxiety was shown by many people of the world. An increase in the number of mental disorders is one problem with terrorism. Even behavioral changes that do not reach significance of being classified as a disorder is resulting from terrorist attacks. Psychiatric disorders will occur in a decently small percentage of the population that has been mentally apart of the destruction.  The environment is impacted by the disasters as well, they can be as devastating as a volcanic eruption or a small earthquake. Using 911 as an example you can see how devastating it is to the environment with two building blowing smoke and fuel in the atmosphere and when they collapsed even more pollutant from the building riddle the streets and the air. Since then, the war against afghanistan and iraq in the aftermath has obviously affected the environment with bombing runs destroying the earth and polluting the air. Many other attacking affect the earth as well as the paris bombing again blowing pollutants in the air and destroying a building.  The existence of terrorist groups in developing countries has made many severe problems for millions of people living in those countries. Many extremist groups have been set up with the purpose of overthrowing the government of a country and replacing it with their own. Things such as religion and political stands have been used as justification for their violent intentions. Leaders of the terrorist groups have been successful in making connections. In the end, the militant forces available to them are used offensively to gain an advantage over the opposition.

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