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The economic advancement of a country is measured on
the basis of its industrialization. Small industrial sector including the
village and cottage industries functions as a powerful instrument for rapid and
diversified growth of a country like India. Match industries are of utmost
necessity in the everyday life of human beings. The origin of the match
industry dates back to new stone-age(10,000 B.C. to 5,000 years). Match
industry has mass production and provides employment opportunities to the
society. It plays a vital role in building up the economic structure of the

matches are a century old in India. It was in 1894, Amrith Match factory Ahmedabad
were set up with the technical assistance from Sweden. A family venture has
been behind the growth of the match industries in Kovilpatti town of Thoothukudi
district. For the effective regulation of the match industry in India and for
the levy of excise duty, the Government of India classified the various match
units under the classes, namely, A, B, C and D. This classification was made
on  the basis of the methods of production.
Match industry is a flourishing, established and secure d industry. The market
for the industry is commendable for its prosperous growth. Sale on credit has
become an established mode of business rend. Sweden is the famous and oldest
manufacturer of match industry. The major market areas are Delhi, Gujarat and
Rajasthan. The small match factories could not meet the total requirements of
the country however, and India began to import matches from Sweden and Japan.

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During the
First World War, when Swedish matches could not be imported, The Indian market
was fed mainly by imported matches from Japan and by the locally made ones
which followed the Japanese pattern introduced in Calcutta. After the war,
factories in Calcutta were unable to compete with imports, and handmade match
production shifted to southern India, especially the Ramanathapuram and
Tirunelveli districts of Tamil Nadu state. This shift was due to the pioneering
efforts of P. Iya Nadar and A. Shanmuga Nadar who went to Calcutta to learn the
process from Purna Chandra Ray, a local businessman, who had learned the trade
in Germany.

Packing is the final stage of process in
a manufacturing industry which is also the important process as it determines
the production rate of a manufacturing sector in an industry. The process of
packing/ filling of match sticks in base of the match boxes. But in the match
box industry maximum they are done by manually or automated at high cost .Hence
the production rate of the company decreases and it also has some limitations
such as migration of labours, hike for increase in wages, handling of those
sticks directly in hand may cause some serious health hazards to the labour. So
we created the automated match box base folding machine at low cost.

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