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The WT2 translator consists elements of being diverse. Ambitious business people can attend meetings and communicate with foreign clients without any complications. The translator creates ease as it makes communication possible in noisy environments. It has a defined purpose that allows the consumer segment to change integrated modes that is built inside the product to fit the environment they are in. For instance, asking a stranger for direction at a busy street. Moreover, the WT2 was designed to be simple for use and allows the consumer segment to feel a sense of superiority. The WT2 product can be described as a state of the art technology which gives out a competitive advantage. Therefore, increasing the work performance.


The mood board being shown above gives out emotions of the WT2 product such as having success like Richard Branson.  This could be due to the ease of communicating with people and having a sense of accomplishing. The Forbes magazine presents AliBaba with a title “unstoppable”. Business people are unstoppable from doing what they want to do with the help of WT2.  They can make things happen. Business people are usually traveling around the globe and has a hectic schedule throughout the day. The only way they could catch up with the current economy might be the help of social media such as Facebook or Twitter. Therefore, they can know what is happening around the world.

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The WT2 is more towards competence on the brand personality framework graph presented above, as it is reliable and comprises of an intelligence system for the user. There is also excitement due to business people being daring to take risks. Business people may be a high-flyer or a person who frequently travels and has already signed up for a business loyalty with an airline. Being loyal to an airline may occasionally lead to free upgrades to business or first class cabins. Hence, the picture of upgraded airline seats on the mood board. This gives the business people a sense of purpose or motivation on what they are doing which is to feel luxurious and satisfied. As well as, the feeling of enthusiasm for them to achieve greater things.










Section 7: Marketing Communication Plan


The WT2 translator will be advertised through print such as the Wired UK, one of the most well-known magazine in the United Kingdom. (Roderick 2017) expresses how digital magazines do not have the same advantages as how they have in print. Additionally, The Economist, another famous weekly magazine established in London. It is a great source to advertise the WT2, (Ronsford 2014) stated it has successfully sold 1.5million of copies in a week. Business people can read magazines on their flight or in a cab. (Mintel 2015) states grown-ups who are used to reading digital content still prefer to read a print magazine. Not to mention, the Economist has an app available and its free. Print advertisements could send out a sophisticated message to appeal the WT2 consumers. The product is considered as a translator, with the challenging world happening right now, this WT2 allows the business people to be competitive.


Besides traditional advertisement formats, the usage of social media such as Instagram and Facebook is preferable to reach out influencers to send out an informational message about the WT2.  This is to inform the target consumer segment. According to (Ofcom 2015), two thirds of people now own at least a smartphone and it as overtaken laptops as the most popular device for getting online. Influencers such as Richard Branson, a well-known entrepreneur who has impacted a lot of industries. He could send out an emotional message that is funny to the audience that would capture their attention. Business people mostly know who Richard Branson is, therefore, this is a way to inform the consumer segment the existence of the WT2. This is because his followers will be able to come across the WT2. The company website can add more FAQ and regularly reply their emails to consumers so they can clear all their doubts. This integrated marketing plan is more towards an advertising led integration which shares ideas and visual of the product.  Hence, inform the consumer segment about the product.

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