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The International Labour Organisation defines child labour as work that deprives children of their childhood, their potential and dignity, and that is harmful to physical and mental development. (, 2018) The world today currently has 152 million child labourers, and I feel that more can be done tackle this issue and reduce the figures before it increases. Child labour is prevalent in especially the developing countries such as Africa and Asia pacific, ranked as 2 of the countries with the highest in percentage and number of child labour.  A majority of 71% of the child labourers comes from in the agriculture industry sector (hunting forestry, and fishing).

Some factors leading to child labour are poverty; social and culture; quality and availability of education; unemployment.

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Thus, resulting in

–          Lack of basic education (illiterate), stuck in the poverty cycle

–          Poor health when exposed to hazardous and harsh working conditions such as exposure to pesticides

–          Lack of emotional support


With the younger generation having low literacy proficiency, they will take on jobs of lower quality and income. For the society in the long term, having lack of skilled or specialized workers in market, slows down long-term GDP growth rate.

Child labour is prevalent in LDCs (less developed country), where are still many are underprivileged. However, it is not in the least only LDCs problem. We are the one who benefitting from them, earning profits off their cheap labour. Focusing on poorer countries alone will not be win the fight against child labour.

Therefore, it is part of our responsibility to protect the rights of children through research. And with a better understanding, we can even implement more effective solutions to prevent exploitation of the child labourer and protect children’s rights. (2018). ECLT – Causes and consequences of child labour. online

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