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The planning
was helped to complete the project as if there weren’t any deadlines than no
one would know how long they have to complete the activity. Also if there
wasn’t any planning in the project then no one would know what they need to do.
If I didn’t make a plan then the money that the client gave me would be spent
on useless things and may my staff could have taken the money for themselves.
The good features of the planning process was that I finished some of the
activity before the deadline and this gave me time to complete other activities
for example the software development part. Also I didn’t run over the budget
which helped me a lot as I would have to take a loan out if I did run over the
budget, the design process was fairly straight forward as all I had to create
was a simple interface which the elderly and people who have less/no knowledge
about a smartphone. We used the product development lifecycle and
somethings went to plan whereas other things didn’t go exactly as we planned.
We meet all the deadlines so far and we hoping that we meet all the other
deadlines. The meeting went good as my staff had given me ideas on the
interface and helped me a lot in the process. Also there are many other things
that my staffs have helped me on. We have mitigated the risks that we thought
of and so far we haven’t be troubled with a big problem. The hardware of the
project was good as we planned out and designed it. We made a prototype which
helped a lot as it showed me the problems that I may have with my app. It
showed me that I will have problems with the hardware and it wouldn’t store the
date of the car, it will lose it. Also the customer didn’t like the interface
of the prototype which helped a lot as if I didn’t make the prototype then I
wouldn’t know if the customer wouldn’t like the interface. Also there are other
things that went good, for example when we interview some customers to get
feedback they give us ideas on how to improve it. Also some customer’s feedback
was reliable as they interest in the app. The less good features of the planning process was that I
spent more time on the software development stage as I had to add security
feature in order for the information about the customer isn’t leaked. Also some
of the buttons didn’t work and I had to make changes in order for them to work
and also for them to do something that they are made for and nothing else. My
entire task was finished before the deadlines. There was a minor change in the
plan as the software development to a lot of time and everything else was
finished before the deadline. There weren’t any unexpected events that affected
the process because I haven’t come across it; also I am on track with the
planning stage. I haven’t lost any data and none of the data got leaked, also
all of the files were available for me. I wouldn’t change anything in this
project as I am track with the project, however if I’m working on a bigger
project then I would spend more time doing some the activities in order for me
to meet the deadlines. One thing that I would improve on is spending more
time on creating the software of the app as I feel that haven’t spent that much
time on it. If I have spent a lot of time on creating the software then I would
believe that there will be other features that you can use on the app. I would
spend a lot of time on the app as it would have improved some of the problems
in the app and it would improve the interface of the app. Another thing that I
would improve on is the budget as it would help a lot because then I could have
more staff who are can create the software and this will take less time. There
will be more staff if I had more money and this will have taken less time.


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