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The research paper “Rise of online advertising in India” by Pallavi Mishra, Uttar
Pradesh, India, aims at researching into the online advertising market in India,
closely tracking the way in which the Indian online ad industry has evolved.
In the first part of her research she briefly introduces the concept of online
advertising, the different forms of it and the various advantages and benefits it has.
She continues to explain the growth potential the industry has in store for
developing countries like India, indirectly connecting the revenues in the United
States that the internet advertising has gauged.

Later in the second half of the paper, the authors statistics mention that online
advertising market of India was estimated at INR 75 crores for the financial year
2009-10 out of which display advertisements contributed about INR 417 crores,

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whereas text advertisements about INR 368 crores, in the total revenues
generated. This amounts to a remarkable increase of approximately 26% over the
previous financial year. She further quotes that display advertisements are
expected to post a growth of 30% in the financial year 2013-14 followed closely
by text advertisements which are expected to grow at 26% during the same
period, briefly supporting her point of argument on the growth potential India has
in the online advertising industry.

However the author’s methodology relies only on library and online research and
doesn’t really have any primary analysis for exploring the dimensions of online
advertising. Especially in this area of study it would have been useful to
incorporate methods that explore psychological impacts like for example
observing advertisers and audience in experimental tests to be able to measure
and document the actual usage and rise of the internet advertising. Conducting
several interviews as a common qualitative approach or which ever method
would possibly have delivered results that were more helpful to proving the initial
research title, should have been done.

In the concluding parts of the paper the author states that in India, there is still
scepticism about the utility of online advertising capable of reaching the masses
and more importantly, increasing revenues and augmenting profits. She further
closes the argument by quoting, that supporting growth and development of
internet advertising in India is not an easy task given the complex demographic
variables like socio-cultural linguistic and religious diversity of India, urban-rural
divide, etc, and that numerous lacunae have to be filled before the internet
advertising industry can flourish in India.

Although the research title is clearly identified, the study and its results seem to
fail adding valuable information to this topic. Additionally it seems like the

author herself is not completely convinced and fears the stable growth of internet
advertising in India. Therefore due to the lack of foundation for recommendations
of further studies, which is however also recognized by the author herself, it can
be said that there is not much of reliability on the informative value of this study.

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