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Hardware Vulnerability is voluntary machine-slaughter, we are getting threats
to confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Hardware vulnerabilities are
more visible when compared to the software. But it is more dangerous and simple
to attack. There could be a possibility that these attacks are not intentional,
but we never know. Company impotent assets are their laptops computer devices,
and office equipment. These assets are costly and if they get damaged, it will
affect the organization’s security as well as be a monetary loss. Computers can
be corrupted just by the threat of USB interface. People use mobile devices,
such as their iPhones, very carelessly and can insert any corrupt USB and
destroy the laptop.USB
interface is a USB worm which can be hidden file on a USB thumb drive. When
anyone plugs in the USB to the computer, it automatically spreads the files to
the host computer and when a new USB device is plugged in again in the host
computer it makes it infected too. This USB worm works in phones as well1.  Any attackers piggybacking on his/her
infected device enter the company environment and destroy everything at the
gunpoint. Some natural disasters may happen like earthquake, flood, and fire.
There are almost 50 computers where 35 are laptops and 15 desktops in QWD which
can be infected. With low security, any theft can happen. The security manual
has nothing to control person who can enter from outside. There is no detection
system to recognize whether the person is staff or a thief. The sensitive and
important area does not have any special security features to control theft.
The building is unsafe and so is the equipment. If anyone uses any bad USB
interface, there is no such detection facility to recognize the person. It has
been found in a survey done by NCADD that 60% of the crimes done by Alcohol
addict people which are shown in the figure under. 


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